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Thursday, Fare Thee Well Tesla

Come midday today, the Tesla is no longer ours.

  • Because we can't afford to keep it
  • Because it has been trying (and failing!) to kill us since we got it
  • Because the owner and CEO of the company is a transphobic sack of dogshit shambling around in a human suit
  • Because giving that aforementioned stain on the underwear of the human race any more money is not comfortable
  • And also life without it will be easier than life with it.

Because the only car remaining is my own Zippy Little Car, I shall be chauffeur for the fam henceforth. Huzzah.

I have to keep my eyes open on the time, so today's tale may be rushed. Or not present until much later in the afternoon.

I'm moving as lickety darn split as I can.

Wednesday, Proceeding Apace

The Tesla has been cleaned out. It's been detailed. Tomorrow, I take it over for inspection and that shall be the last we see of it.

I shall be taking the train mostly home and either walking or taking an Uber the last bit of the way back home.

Expect tomorrow's offering at a nonstandard time.

At midday tomorrow, we shall be a one-car family.

Now I shall proceed with my offerings and disorganised side-projects as per normal.

I will be making

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Saturday, Social Shenanigans and Radio Silence

As you may have guessed, today was a teensy bit of a scrum. Tram to parkrun, doing parkrun [I made it in under an hour despite having the World's Steepest Hill [hyperbole] as part of the course.

It damn near did me in, but I made it.

My legs are going to hate me for the rest of the week.

We had to check out before parkrun and then go collect our bags in our active wear. Fortunately the friend we were

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Thursday, Packing, Panic, and Pills

I got clothes packed and ready for the trip. I have meds packed for the duration because the whole bottles might put me over the weight limit. I am going to evict a majority of my keys from my bag because won't need them for the interim. And because metal detectors.

I shall be relying on my cloak for warmth and hoping for the best.

I am attempting to do the day's offerings in record time so I can make sure I

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Thursday, Further Shenanigans

I have STUFF to do. Lots of it. Starting with: I just stitched together the best possible resolution map of Waterdeep. I shall be messing around with Owlbear so I am prepared for a RETURN TO THE GAME


I'm terrified to do it but also committed to doing it so finding out how to do it by fuckin' around is going to be beneficial in the long term for my PLNs.

I have done all the just-in-case recordings, so now all

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Saturday, Out all day

We did parkrun, we did brunch, we came back for a shower and a change, we got our hair did and had dinner.

That's why this post is so late in appearing.

A whole day out and about. And to your eventual benefit, more chapters in A Devil's Tale

Current chapter count: paused for names and profiles in Chapter 306.

There's a limit to the number of times I add TK[Fix] to a WIP because otherwise I will let something slip

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Friday, Sleepover PLNs

I think five chapters' worth of recording is going to be my limit. And to clear confusion, I am NOT podcasting them. I'm just sending them to Adorable and LATER sharing them with a fairly high tier on the Patreon.

I aim to do that between other things during the day.

Gonna do this blog, clean the catio, cook the Bikkie [this time with olive oil as well as the other stuff, just to see what happens], tidy up the front room,

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Sunday, Sundry Shenanigans

I had adventures in Meatspace this morning that prevented me from doing the TTRPG stuff and the stream. Again.

Any audience I had with the daily stuff is LONG gone, so it doesn't really matter.

Not that I ever had that much of an audience anyway. But I digress.

It was a lovely day out except for two things. My feet and my knees.

I did find a couple of things while out there. Some for MeMum and one I decided against

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Friday, Unfuckening, Parcels, and Sundry Shenanigans

I have cleaned out the catio. I have created and consumed The Bikkie. And I have learned that it's much better to cook the thing in an oven than to fry it like the guy in the tutorial did.

Baking a BREAD PRODUCT is better than frying it. WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT!

After I'm done with the offerings, I shall go pick up a parcel. Then perhaps add some groceries on the way back.

THEN I can mess around on Satisfactory or

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Saturday, Parkrun and PLN'd Shenanigans

It's been a long day. As you might guess by the lateness of this post. Not just parkrun, but also getting our hair did and getting food and going shopping and doing a bunch of other stuff while we were there.

Needless to say, I am a very tired bean and I have yet to create or post my offerings for today.

As for tomorrow? There may not be any entries at all.

Tomorrow, the QPP is heading out to introduce ourselves

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Friday, Scrum Time!

So. I have cleaned out the Catio. I have realised that I have the wrong size leggings for my winter activewear. We're also running very low on the tissues supply.

As a direct result, I am watching the clock and plotting to take off somewhere close to 9:30 so I can do Costco and the place where I can actually get activewear leggings in my size.

Pockets are a must.

I shall therefore be absent from my keyboard until I can

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Friday, A Heads-Up

The PLN today is to take Mayhem over to MeMum's for some heavy lifting before the day gets punishing. So immediately after I publish this blog, I am getting ready and hauling myself and son-of-mine all the way to the other side of Brisbane so we can do that.

And since we're there, we may also be doing some other helpful things. Which may take some time.

So if the story happens today, it shall be happening later. If not, there will

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Sunday, Running Around, and Still Streaming

As I write these very words, it is approaching ten minutes past two in the morning and I am in the middle of an asthma attack that crept up on me in a really bad way.

To put it in the most interesting way possible: I started my day at one in the morning by googling "feeling like a ghost is taking my pulse on the left of my neck" since three other searches could not find anything unrelated to a heart

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Saturday, Crimbo Eve

So. We're picking up a friendo to go to the only Parkrun open in the Brisbane-ish area on Crimbo Eve, this morning. Which means a launch from our place at 5:30 AM

Parkrun and the aftermath usually takes until Noonish.
After which, we shall drop friendo off at their place, head back to our place so Beloved can get a move on with the last-minute details, and then I harry off to fetch MeMum since she prefers to stay over to

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Friday, the Crimbolening

It's the day before a MULTITUDE of shenanigans. So we have to finish unfucking the house, organising our nonsense.

Which means a lot of time offline.

I shall be cleaning the catio, making The Bikkie, tidying up garbage, washing stuff, drying stuff, and setting stuff in order.

I fully expect to be offline for a majority of the day. If any more of A Devil's Tale happens during these hours, it will be the result of a true miracle.

We're not decorating

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