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Thursday, Leyland's Tour and a Bad Air Day

I'm having trouble with air. Boo. I might be hauling ass all the way across to MeMum's for the Grand Washing Machine Hunt because her old washer decided to flood a part of her house. Yay.

I've been on the nebuliser and I've taken my preventers. I'm currently in the midst of my coffee and pills.

As soon as I get the go-ahead, I am heading offski on the long journey to go help do the things. Yay.

I'm'a finish my soup and call since it's been ages and I still haven't got a reply from MeMum.

Yoiks and away.

UPDATE: I am not required for that running around today, but I am keeping myself on the starter's blocks. Just in case

Monday, Meatspace Mania

The instant I'm done with the blog, I'm in the car and off to MeMum's to help with assorted nonsense.

Donations, educations, lunch, and fuel money ahoy. Yay.

Hopefully I get MeMum to stop using the goshdang comment button the entire firkin time.

If I get back in time, I shall be doing the Instant Story then. If not, y'all get a twofer tomorrow.

Chapter count: working on Chapter 267.

Let's get going on the stuff. Yoiks and away!

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Sunday, Excursion PLNs

So apparently some aggregious TERF from the United States has come all the way to Australia to stage some bullshit about how genderqueer folks are all dangerous pedos and a danger to womens' sports or whatever the fuck.

Naturally, this should not be allowed to stand.

So everyone in solidarity is poised to counter that bullshit with a show of numbers, including everyone who stands with the genderqueers and their right to live their lives in peace.

First they called gays "pedos"

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Saturday, Other Shenanigans

The weather bureau predicted flooding rains and the shittiest of weather for today. That in combo with Friendo Awesome and the busted tooth meant that we took it easy this morning and went on with more leisurely plns.

Cue a Leyland's Tour that included: breakfast, a haircut for Friendo Awesome, two pickup points and a coffee break.

And that's why I'm doing my normal nonsense in the afternoon.

In the bad news department...

My old phone is delaminating because swelling battery syndrome,

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour & Wordpress

Today, the PLN includes taking Beloved to the train station so she can get to work. I am also taking Mayhem to the Dept of Main Roads so he can get his replacement license and then going to the bank so he can get a replacement bank card.


I shall be posting another part of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale very soon to now because I know damn well that I won't have the time for an extended rant

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Saturday, What a Day

So I started this morning with a double spider attack. A relatively tiny [1.5inch across] Huntsman spider decided to jump on me whilst I was in the shower. It effectively vanished until I rinsed my hair and climbed onto my hand.

Obviously, it had to die.

We set off after this to the Parkrun with Beloved's friend from the gender support group. Whom I shall henceforth name as Ms Awesome.

I managed to walk 4K this week. Wahoo!

Then, following a

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Thursday, Round Round Run Around...

I'll run around!

Immediately after Miss Chaos is on the bus to school today, I am taking off to MeMum's for paperwork-related missions and perhaps sorting out tech issues.

All that fun stuff.

Poor Beloved came home long about 3AM so she could catch some semblance of sleep. The demo of the thing is today and after that, she needs a day off.

Which will be at least partially spent at Chaos' graduation.

Which also means I have to cancel tomorrow's stream.

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Thursday, Leyland's Tour

Today, all bets are off regarding output. I am driving/escorting my love all across the country so we can all deal with funerary arrangements and organising the final farewell.

I'm taking my iPad on the off chance that I may have an opportunity to add a sentence or two to the continuing story of a devilborn whose love life is going to hell.

...better known to everyone in the loop as A Devil's Tale.

It's a security blanket and we both

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Sunday, Game Night? And Run Around

We're visiting Capt. S today so I may not be streaming game(s) tonight. Be warned.

Immediately after I do the publish cycle, I am getting spruced up to visit ailing fam. I might take the iPad with me because I can work on it offline and not need to worry about data costs.

So I might make some progress on the wedding outfit too. Fingers crossed.

Intent sails out the window if my brain and bod decide to nap in the

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Sunday, Mother's Day

Today is the last Mother's Day I celebrate for myself. Rennie's Day, as I have just discovered, is the third Sunday of April. Could have been informed sooner, but... meh.

Beloved is taking over the accepting of Coffee Cups, gimcrack jewelry, and macaroni arts with beaming smile and that weird soft feeling one gets when the smols make a thing just for her.

Motherhood is many things, and one of those things is wearing a macaroni necklace like it's diamonds and feeling

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Saturday, Party Shenanigans

We're off on the Leyland's Tour today. Gathering the fam for social stuff and good times. Not exactly helped by the fact that I slept wrong and my back is an achey mess at the moment.


Nevertheless, I shall look fantastic when we're there.

The PLN goeth thusly:

  1. Do my stream shenanigans
  2. Wake my Beloved and perhaps Mayhem and Chaos
  3. Get dolled up
  4. Exeunt

Let's get rolling.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and shenanigans

I have PLNs today. PLNs to take Mayhem all the way out to MeMum's and then help her move a heavy object to a place where the neighbours won't nick it.

IF I get around to doing a Wordpress Wednesday, I shall likely concoct a topic on either of the drives. There, or back again.

Beloved is off to get her face zapped again, today. So we should be done with both of our respective shenanigans about roughly together. And then it's

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Saturday, Leyland's Tour

I have written the story. I have the bikkie cooking in the background. All my normal activities are now orbiting Beloved's schedule and on hold for MeMum.

And later on this week, we are getting stuff to make a door betwixt the official front of the house [master bedroom, lounge] and the rest of the house. Just so Pippi can't leap into the greater outdoors and put her life at risk.

Also so that we can have nice furniture in the front

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Sunday, Shenanigans!

Today, I do my stream EARLY. So I can then get ready to go on a Leyland's Tour for family meet and birthmas partay.

This may make D&D later tonight "interesting".

Nevertheless, I am making certain that I have the time windows to do this. Yay.

So my PLN is thus:

  1. Do the story stream
  2. Get ready for the day
  3. Travel all over the countryside
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. Travel all the way back over the countryside
  6. SLEEP! For the love of
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Saturday, not counting it because reasons

There's shenanigans afoot. I tried to warn Beloved that this would happen, but Beloved has chronic Doesn'tListenItus.


So now I'm on a mission to write an Instant before we have to haul off and get a present for a party that I was certain was happening some significant weeks away. Yay. And then attend the party.

Hocus pocus, I need to focus.

Let's go.

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