Wednesday, Leyland's Tour PLNs

So here's the plan:

  1. I put on my knees
  2. I make certain I have the stuff for MeMum
  3. I make certain I have the wrist bracers because no time for stretchies
  4. I feed the cats [MOST important]
  5. I have some caffeine and pills to see to my ills
  6. I take off to MeMum's for egg exchange, tech support, and probable journey to several shops during the day
  7. I get home and create my offerings if I haven't already done them in transit

And somewhere in there, I wrap my breads. The first one gets the plastic bread sleeve. The other gets paper bags for dryness purposes. The second loaf gets the sleeve tomorrow.

This is how I avoid Sod Loaves.

I'm on the way. But first I gotta brush my teeth.