Challenge #04112-K094: Data for the Experiments

They enter a swampy area where biting bugs are a real nuisance. The bridges keep people out of the waters, so people can stay dry, at least, but ergh, all the BUGS!! But this is a good test for the enchanted repellants, they were asked to test them after all. -- Anon Guest

It was fascinating to watch, and Wraithvine watched it intensely. Biting bugs and midges approached hir and hir party, and veered away once they got too close. It was if they had an aura two inches from their skins that repelled the insect plague surrounding them.

Even Lilbit benefitted, never needing to scratch at a flea. Other animals that came into contact with her had a fountain of fleas and tics pouring off their bodies. Other animals, and people, soon noticed.

Those who eked out an existence there didn't care that the bands were experiments by a student. They didn't care that nobody knew how long the charms would last, including the maker themself. They just wanted to know how to order some. They scrambled to send gold, orders, and a courier to the prentice Artificer who had created the prototypes.

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