Thursday, Taking it Easy

I'm having a low expectations day, today. The minimum stuff from me shall be heading out, of course, but I am taking my leisure.

I've noticed that I'm a little bit frayed around the edges lately, so I'm purposely taking some time to relax.

Which I really and truly need today because I have yet another cyclone headache.



I'm waiting for my painkillers to kick in at the moment, but I have some good news!

[Shown here: A painterly-style image of a space yacht in orbit around Jupiter. The yacht resembles an ocean-going vessel with Star Trek style warp nacelles, which are improperly placed]

I made the cover art for my All Hallows Read story, The World Will Not Miss...

There will be a promotional video, but I'm not doing any more work on this thing today.

Today, I chill.