Challenge #04113-K095: Truce With Benefits

They were the leader of an enormous pack of kobolds. All of them had found a gold vein. All of their burrows were very well defended. The humans seemed to treat them politely enough to their faces, because they had gold, but also talked hatefully behind their backs due to being kobolds. Then, when potentially deadly dangers arose, the humans realize it's not the gold that's the true value of having a kobold's friendship. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, Gobelliin, and occasionally Gnomes are often viewed as pests. They get everywhere, or they keep turning up. They have a knack for being in placed where other beings are unlikely to go. They exist, more or less, in the cracks where civilisation often doesn't look.

Haddercleft had excellent territory for goats, but shit for anything else. They eked out an existence from people passing through their mountains, and was generally another little place where heroes came from. Until someone put their foot in the wrong place and discovered the Kobold burrow.

Some might say they made the mistake of giving the cluster of Kobolds some of their cheese. Or... they would have at the time. Kindness to the Unwelcome is generally repaid by the kind of undying loyalty that becomes socially inconvenient.

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