Friday, Advertising Attempt and Unfucking the Habitat

I have the cover ready for my book, minus the title and byline. I have a "speedpaint" video tucked away nice and safe.

I was able to get Garage Band on my iPad.

I'm going to create something roughly two minutes long to go underneath and along with the words I just recorded.

A little video editing, a little audio tweaking, and some messing around with fonts on GIMP, and you will all see my attempt at advertising.

I think I'll release it in full at around August. Depending on what Beloved and Adorable say about it. I'll do my best, but those two have better ideas about what I could do.

I have a catio to clean, offerings to create, and a hope that my painkillers kick in and make the cyclone headache go away.

Onwards, ever onwards.