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Sometime last week, I actually contributed to a fanfic. And that means that my $5 Patrons would be treated to a new WIP. If I had any $5 Patrons.

But I'm still putting it up because having stuff for my Patrons is important.

I've begun work on Shot #8 for SESP, and I might just have time to animate some of it all, this weekend. Powers know I've been more than a little slack about that. I have features and shots to upload, and then wrangle.

I'll be posting an update video [minus sound] once that's done. Because Quintessential's music is still on the do not use list. I highly encourage you to buy a copy of Quintessential because the music is firkin awesome.

And speaking of firkin awesome artists, I have recently found Alice's Night Circus. She does soaring melody, actually sings, and has a circus-esque theme to her music... so of course I fell for her like a sucker, but not as hard as I fell for Steam Powered Giraffe. I still obtained four out of her five extant songs. And can't get the complete set because saving for a new compy.

Scraping together enough to keep my 'career' going is a pain in the firkin arse.

If you'd like to contribute, you can sign on as a Patron, or buy my books, if you'd love to throw some money at me via PayPal, then my PayPal address is "nutty @ internutter (dot) org" - and you should know how to decode that into a valid email.

Bot protection kind'a sucks too.

I'm aiming to get the money without wrecking my emergency account. But if my compy dies tomorrow, I might have to.

Funds update on the weekend.


Made the bread. Everything about it was unexpected. It looks and tastes a lot like bran bread, which means I will need a little something-something to make it not taste like bran bread. Or at least make the brannishness be tolerable.

The loaf we have is still moist, so that's good. The cold loaf does not taste like dry cardboard, at least.

Experiments will begin either today or tomorrow. I have a feeling I could turn this "bread" into a cake-like object

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I'm getting stuff done. Hooray. Just... not all the stuff I want to do. C'est la vie, I guess. So yeah, I haven't arted.

But I did manage to clean most of the kitchen countertop. The only space left is the space covered by stuff that's due and overdue for getting washed.

I cleared out the drainer so that I can wash more stuff as time goes by.

I cooked a nice Leftovers breakfast, featuring last night's vegetables and four eggs that

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A Winner is...

The 7-loop connector bars (250 of them!) from Milky Way 888. They were one of the last to get going, and I had to extend the allowance time lest my order get cancelled. And yet, they are the first ones to arrive in my hot little hands.

A moment of silence for the ziplock baggie that tried valiantly, but could not contain the mighty force of two hundred and fifty brass findings during the rigorous journey between there an here. It did

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Achievement Unlocked!

Despite going to bed early, and the subsequent early wake-up [approximately 2AM]. Despite the subsequent early morning fanfic session and needing a napnap at a quarter to four in the morning... I managed to trundle myself around the block, starting at ten to five.

And I made it all the way back home.



My puffer.

I think I'm ready for a double-block walk. Which used to be my upper limit before I had my toenail cut in half.

Let's see

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