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Thursday, Taking it Easy

I'm having a low expectations day, today. The minimum stuff from me shall be heading out, of course, but I am taking my leisure.

I've noticed that I'm a little bit frayed around the edges lately, so I'm purposely taking some time to relax.

Which I really and truly need today because I have yet another cyclone headache.



I'm waiting for my painkillers to kick in at the moment, but I have some good news!

[Shown here: A painterly-style image of a space yacht in orbit around Jupiter. The yacht resembles an ocean-going vessel with Star Trek style warp nacelles, which are improperly placed]

I made the cover art for my All Hallows Read story, The World Will Not Miss...

There will be a promotional video, but I'm not doing any more work on this thing today.

Today, I chill.

Friday, Refined Schedule, Unfucking, and Nearly Done

I have not reached the final words of A Devil's Tale just yet. I would be doing a lot more buildup of that if I knew I was close.

I am almost done with my maps for Candy Heist.

I just have to furnish the map I started on yesterday and it's all good to go.

...which means I have to unearth the Candy Heist document and make sure I have tokens to put on the map. Quick search and piccrew will

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Saturday, Day 0, Momentum?

Three new cases today, none local. The active case count's at twenty-three and I'm hoping that my sunnies shall be ready for retrieval today.

Yesterday - I added some information to my Wiki [The "About Amalgam" link in the menu] and I welcome others to come and help me get things all together over there. I'm not sure how anything works, but if you need permission, there's a multitude of ways to reach me.

We'll figure it all out in time.


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Accomplishments? Ish?

Once again it's another Sunday morning in which I have enjoyed a livestream of art care of Toasty. An experience that gained me the opportunity to edit some of an Inter-Mission episode. I got one story edited, so yay progress.

One quarter of the way through an episode I should have had done two days ago.

The plague is doing things to my ability to can.

Not so much the actual plague, but the stress surrounding the news involved with the plague.

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I finished the outlying episode of Inter-Mission, which means that my next week is fretting free until such time as I publish the next episode and need to record-and-edit another.

It just goes around and around and around. On the other hand, I know it can be done in just a few sessions, so there's that little bonus.

Tonight... Beloved and I are having our Belated Valentine's Date. We figured there'd be interminable crowds at every single eating establishment on V-Day. Today,

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D O N E !

I have leftover coodles, one head of cauliflower, and the equivalent of one and a half sugarloaf cabbages. All of which, I am leaving to my Beloved to cook something out of it all.

I have Tuna steaks, which could theoretically be fried today and packed up with the leftover coodles, but there is just one small snag.

The new freezer is full to the brim with pre-packaged frozen meals.

Chaos, for the record, has already started helping me eat it all.

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I finished painting the Kobold and you can see a turn-around here Yes, that is my palm and paint-stains you see there. Kobold minis are TINY as FUCK, peeps.

But I'm done painting minis, until such time as (a) I get my Bugbear printed, (b) Mayhem gets his own minis and wants colours on them, or (c) someone PAYS me [12/hour plus cost of paint pots beyond my extant colours. Special rates for Small creatures. As in, they're going to cost

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Dee AN Dee! Dee AN Dee!

It's game night tonight, so I'm going to be down by who-knows-how-much for snacks and drinks.

I've reached my 3K for this week in KOSBOB, I'm not painting any minis today. Not even putting on a coat of primer. Pippi is probably going to get her stitches out tomorrow -yay- and I am already planning to be wrecked for the day.

There's also a Toasty Stream EARLY on Sunday morning, so immediately after that is when I shall be putting primer on

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Second-last day of school for this term for Chaos, last day in Mayhem's term.

Everything on our little building site is wet and squishy and we have to drain it before we do anything and AAARGH!

Meanwhile, I did my first 3K of Kingdom of Sand and I am doing character pieces and I'm loving it.

Therefore, today's early rising was leisurely and most of my time is to be spent on editing more episodes of Oh My Mods. With an aim

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We have liftoff! Inter-Mission is officially on the interwebs and now what do I do?

...make episode 6 of course.

Well, yes, but I also have to tell everyone it exists, and I have also done that bit. If you check the menu, you'll see it there in all caps, right under "Buy my books!"

I have two followers already. This is kind of intense. Fingers crossed, this gets someone to capital-N Notice me (senpai)... maybe get a deal somehow.

I dunno.

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I recorded another story this morning, just in case the five I have are too short for episode three. I started putting ep three together and I should have that in the can by tomorrow afternoon.

What did not happen was the 1K words I had pln'd. It was a very busy day. I got a lot of the stuff on my shopping list [forgot Chaos' cupcakes] but I didn't have a lot of energy for writing after that.

Did get all

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I just finished episode 2 of Inter-Mission and my next battle is recording the next set of stories for the masses.

Somewhere out there is a hyper-specific gremlin who will appreciate what I'm doing here. I hope they have lots of gremlin friends.

Speaking as a self-confessed hyper-specific gremlin - I feel you, pal. Been there, done that, been scoffed at by the "normals"... 'druther be a gremlin.

Anyway... This week spurs a four-week journey in which I detail my personal experiences

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Achievement Unlocked?

Things done so far:

[X] Supplies acquired

[X] New version of my Windoze simulator

[X] Unfucked the translation macro that turns a single *.md file into several other files

[X] Begun fixing the actual file

There's three hundred and sixty-five stories, each of which has to be put on a new page, have the title separated from the content, scoured for footnotes, bookmarked and linked if there are.

I'm doing ten at a time and that does NOT make progress any faster.

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Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done...

Today's title comes from this lovely tune which suits me to a T today. I am DONE.

I finished Clockwork Souls yesterday, and I just now got it converted to assorted formats for interested beta readers.

Loyal readers of this particular blog can read/comment on the docx version here if they so choose.

I've enabled commenting in all formats in the Clockwork Souls folder on my Google drive.

Not that I expect much action from this. But I will be looking

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Sometime last week, I actually contributed to a fanfic. And that means that my $5 Patrons would be treated to a new WIP. If I had any $5 Patrons.

But I'm still putting it up because having stuff for my Patrons is important.

I've begun work on Shot #8 for SESP, and I might just have time to animate some of it all, this weekend. Powers know I've been more than a little slack about that. I have features and shots to

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