Saturday, Day 0, Momentum?

Three new cases today, none local. The active case count's at twenty-three and I'm hoping that my sunnies shall be ready for retrieval today.

Yesterday - I added some information to my Wiki [The "About Amalgam" link in the menu] and I welcome others to come and help me get things all together over there. I'm not sure how anything works, but if you need permission, there's a multitude of ways to reach me.

We'll figure it all out in time.

If my sunnies are ready, I'll use that excuse to fetch some indulgences. Otherwise, I shall stay in isolation and hope that Beloved brings home something illicit to share.

In the news:

  • Muppet's in deep shit now
  • UK strain is 30 to 90 percent more deadly than the original
  • Extreme heat to hit southeast Aus

Gee whillakers, things are slim without the orange menace.

I made my bread in one day, yesterday. That means less to fuss about today. Huzzah.

Let's get on with that 'less'. I have a cyclone headache and sequestering in the dark is looking like a truly attractive occupation.