Challenge #02935-H012: Our Little Monster

Could we have a story of how Anthe and Wraithvine met the little bugbear Rawr? How he lost his eye? And how they rescued him? Please? -- DaniAndShali

"Hate the cold, hate the cold, hate it hate it hate it hate it hate the cold," Anthe grumbled. She was bedecked in a yeti fur coat, if 'bedecked' fit the fact that she was in there somewhere. Boots of Insulation and a Ring of Warmth seemed to share the general effect. Which was, according to Anthe, minimal.

"Tell me how you really feel," said Wraithvine. They were also lost in the midst of coats, mittens, scarves and, because of hir Elven heritage, ear socks that were at least semi-tasteful. It was impossible to get them in not-dorky-looking. The fire was hot, but it was spending most of its heat on the rest of the universe and not on the two adventurers trying to at least put together some kind of shelter.

"You were right, I do regret giving my pocket tent to those goblins," sighed Anthe. "They don't make them like that any more."

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