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Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Holding stable at seven active cases. Keeping an eye on the nonsense. Because seeing another Day 12 is my fondest dream. I have gone out without a mask at freaking last, but I'm still doing the social distancing and hand sanitiser when available, and still not lingering very long in the general emporia.

I miss browsing.

Overflow has closed down and debunked since the last time I was there. The sign's still up but there's nothing in the shell. A little scary, but also understandable. I was probably like 20% of their profit margin.

Today, I am under orders to obtain a sampler of apples so Miss Chaos can decide on her favourite snack fruit. Including Red Delicious, which is neither.

That's going to be "fun"... Going to get some weird looks for sure. Especially since different apples of similar sizes are different prices per kilo. Commerce is deranged.

In the news:

  • New cases in Victoria
  • Beaches ruined by drifts of garbage
  • You can now get your gaytime in super-crunchy. Yes, Golden Gaytime is now a popcorn flavour
  • Conspiracy theories about the plague jab abound. We're trying to apply science, but it might not work
  • Government agency hacked, 30K Aussies pay the price
  • Plague conspiracist who bragged about breaching quarantine has gone to a nunnery to "get closer to God". Selfish bitch better get a solid wake-up call while she's there
  • Plague hits the Aussie Open - a crowded event that welcomes a multitude of travelers from overseas. Who could have seen this coming -oh- EVERYBODY
  • Side-effects of getting the plague jab include - soreness in the area, headache, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, muscle/joint pain. Still worth it, say I
  • ScoMo warns that the jab is not a "silver bullet" and says we should all get the shot
  • Australia demands freedom for Putin's latest political enemy
  • Teacher calls Bernie's mittens "white male privilege" and I'm like ??? Anyone? Can wear? MITTENS???
  • Tech madman Elon Musk claims brain chip allowed a monkey to play video games with its mind
  • Dishwasher tablets now the miracle cleaning accessory. Wear THICK gloves, people, those chemicals are no freaking joke
  • Don't buy blue swimwear for your kids, they could turn invisible in the pool
  • Government says sex therapy is off the NDIS list of things you can get
  • Billionaire and expoitative arsehole Jeff Bezos quits being the Amazon wage-slave master, but not really. He's Executive Chair of the Amazon Board. Things not predicted to change for warehouse workers
  • Australia to China: "We have tungsten too! And we're going to sell it cheaper! Nerny nerny ner ner!"

Yeah this is not going to end well, but... does anything?

Tuesday, Day 3, PLNs Forthcoming

I have Patreon nonse happening today. I have PLNs to go out and acquire brushes. I have further shenanigans involving tax nonsense because nothing is ever, ever easy around here.

It went like this:

  1. Attempt to get Mayhem's paperwork in order so that he can get job with help
  2. Realise we need tax BS done
  3. Wait a while for Beloved to get that sorted
  4. Ask politely if they've got it sorted
  5. B: "No, you have to make the appointment."
    Me: "Me? With
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Monday, Day Two, Let's GO!

Today, I have a lot on my plate. Today, I am putting more words into KOSTSS. Today, I am unfuckening the house. Also today, I am getting hold of our financial moguls to attempt a tax sortening. On the PHONE.

I'm going to be blasted by four PM for sure.

IF I have the energy to do any arting, I will, but... I probably won't have the energy to art.

Tomorrow, I may make an expedition into a dollar shop for art

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Sunday, Day1, Slugfest

I did all four loafs, yesterday. Three butts between two of them. I didn't check them all. They should be sliced, packed, and hoarded before I have a chance to do a butt count.

According to the government website, we're actually down to six active cases. The pre-Karen normal. Huzzah.

In the headlines:

  • Pro Muppet Repugnican Minions making an army [at which point does this become treason, my dude?]
  • Plague can turn blokes infertile. Better put on that mask, Davo
  • Idiot tried
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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Day part 2

I have one lump of dough is both proofing and defrosting. Another set of dough-in-potentia is waiting for Wilson to rise to the occasion. There's one new case in the books, keeping the total at twelve.

Twelve is better than twenty-five. I gotta say it. It's still not as cool as six or less.

It's feast day, so I have nebulous plns to indulge in the carbs. All whilst making breads.

In the news:

  • Continuing hilarity as Redditors and common folk firkin
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Friday, Day 0, Bread Day part1

There are zero loaves in the freezer as of this morning. One new case and a total of active cases coming in at twelve.

I'm making four loafs with a side-pln to make more bread on Wednesday.

The single biggest and most joyful news of the day is that about 200 redditors decided to unanimously wreck the fuck out of the market by doing what rich people keep telling poor people to do - invest in stocks. Now billionaires are losing their

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Thursday, Day Zero, Frustration

One new case from overseas, but the total of active cases is zero. I'm breathing a little easier.

I don't know what's going on, but no pens are working to a point where adding to the journal is easy. I'm going to experiment with brushes. Dollar shop soft bristle nonsense. I'm not going to drop like $20 on something that will be ruined in the process and also might not work.

Only after trying all traditional methods of ink delivery, I will

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Wednesday, Day One, Gallumphing

Miss Chaos goes to school today. I have to organise the potential sammich stuffings and put a note in the bag about said sammiches. I actually took a break to make sure that was done.

Yay. Now to make sure Miss Chaos actually gets moving before it's time to hustle onto the bus for a fun first day of schooling. Little Miss Pessimism insists there's no point so she got the Education Is Important lecture.

A peek at the news:

  • 17YO charged
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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon...

It's a public holiday and some people don't like it. We should, at minimum, rename it to Invasion Day and memorialise all the First Australians who perished as a direct result of White Colonialism. And don't give me any of that "their lives are so much better" bullshit and hold all the "well if [OTHER WHITE NATION] had invaded, they'd have it so much worse" while you're at it.

We have to face facts. WHITE PEOPLE DID BAD THINGS. End of. Now

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Monday, Day 2, Early Start

I woke up at a little around half-past two this AM. Refreshed and such because Essential Nanna Nap is part of my Sunday Routine. I didn't want to get up and do my arts and farts stuff, but I made myself do the thing. I can get two pages written before my hand starts to cramp. Good progress. Or at least, progress.

If I can do that every morning I wake up early, there's a good chance I can get the journal

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Sunday, Day 1, Slob Day

The total active case count is at twenty-one. Better, but still not fantastic. Having a day two would be nice. It's been a while. I got to watch ToastyGlow create more video and chat with everyone there about utter nonsense. You know. Lots of fun.

I have a story written and vague plans to do some art progress after I take a nap because I've been awake since midnight. Yay.

In the news:

  • ScoMo caught out being a hypocrite. Again
  • The plague
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Saturday, Day 0, Momentum?

Three new cases today, none local. The active case count's at twenty-three and I'm hoping that my sunnies shall be ready for retrieval today.

Yesterday - I added some information to my Wiki [The "About Amalgam" link in the menu] and I welcome others to come and help me get things all together over there. I'm not sure how anything works, but if you need permission, there's a multitude of ways to reach me.

We'll figure it all out in time.


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Friday, Day Zero, Bread and Business

One new case today, and the total's at twenty-three. One patient in the ICU, which is worrying me a bit.

Restrictions are easing, and the most important part, government sponsored daycare schools are allowed to remain open. Huzzah. Even better news from my perspective - I scrolled most of the way down my phone's news feed this AM and only saw that saggy orange canker sore once. Bonus - he didn't look happy.

I'm still breathing sighs of relief over here. It's

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Thursday, Day Zero, Wonderful Things!

First - the bad news. There's two new cases and the total's at twenty-five.

Now the great news:

I Found A Reader!

::confetti and curlytoots: Wooo!

The very nice guy is Darius Marley and has decided they like my writing and is willing to read it out loud to listeners like you.

Spread the word.

We both need income and hopefully, touting each other on the interwebs will lead to greater things. Go visit. Go listen. Spread the word.

You can listen

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Wednesday, Day 0, Seeking Return Policy

There's three new cases today, and the total is at twenty-six. All from overseas and so forth, but still concerning. I have my new glasses and I have to go back to the place I got them from because the magnetic sunnies that came with are chockerblock full of bubbles, rendering a coherent view of the world - and therefore their purpose - moot.

I'll see what can be done about that ASAP. I need my sunnies.

The good news is that

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