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Day One! At last!

Queensland's being smart and taking no shit, and big anti-shocker, we're back to zero new cases.

Victoria continues to battle with things like... policing illegal gatherings put on by the kind of people who are used to using money to skate away from consequences. They seem to have a lot of them down there.

Also in the news:

  • Muppet mocks Victoria for following the lead set by his own astroturf campaign to re-open businesses way too early to avert another outbreak
  • Bloke fined >$1.6K for playing Pokemon Go in the Melbourne CBD
  • Doctors insist that masks be made mandatory in Victoria and NSW
  • Karen Squad insists that this is a violation of their human rights
  • The continuing escalation of the clusterfuck in a quarantine hotel continues to be revealed
  • Outbreak of the plague linked to Manchester United star holding illegal party in a bad case of Chronic Headsmack Syndrome

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt and I'm dosing myself a second time in a month because there is some clinker in my bronchii that won't firkin shift. Blargh. I hate the Bad Air Days.

Still, things are looking a bit better today, at least locally.

Good Morning! It's Day Zero!

...for the fourth freaking time in a row.

It's been one case a day for four days after the initial three were discovered. We're watching the numbers and Chaos returns to school if, by the end of the week, there have been less than three cases in three days. If there have been more than three cases in three days during the week, Chaos stays at home.

Frikkin covidiots...

Victoria has entered into severe quarantine and the exact people who've caused this

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Three Day Zero's

Three of them. In a row. Three days of new plague cases, two of which were actually caused by the lying criminal plague-vectors who decided it would be fun to go to Melbourne, shoplift, and then lie about being there. One such case was found in a nursing home and by now we all know what that means. Huge outbreak because nursing homes are universally underfunded and neglected by anyone with a four-figure retirement payment in their wages.

But hey, as long

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An Milestone!

It's taken me literal ages, but I finally accomplished 108K in KOSBOB. Were this my normal output, I would have four weeks to go in the writing thereof. But these are not normal weeks and I should not feel guilty about that.

This entire clusterfuck of a year has done things to my brain. I swear I have trauma exhaustion. Worrying about the plague, worrying about people I love stuck in the middle of it. Worrying about (seemingly) Round 2398654 of the

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It's a Clusterfuck Morning!

The LAN is down so I'm using precious phone data to do my thing, so I shall be not present online until such time as the household interwebs is back to fully operational status.

Which means working solely on my laptop again, whee!

In the news this morning, Victoria has finally made mask-wearing mandatory. A move they should have done when the alleged "second wave" hit certain select suburbs. At least this has a passing chance of stopping the Karen Squad before

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Of all the fucking dipshits...

Two teens in plague-riddled Melbourne decided they could skate around the rules no problem. They did this by flying to Sydney, staying inside the airport terminal, lying about where they were from, and then subsequently flying to Brisbane and repeating their Great Lie Schtick.

They've now been whacked on the head by a $4K fine, but that's small comfort. Why? Because they were rattling around loose for eight days. Unaware that they were spreading plague everywhere they went. Including the private school

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Oh boy

I have PLNs to go for the throat in today's Wordpress Wednesday. The throats of every entitled so-and-so who thinks that protecting everyone else by wearing a mask is too firkin much bother. Or a violation of their rights. Or too huge an inconvenience.

Fuck their nebulous "breathing condition". I'm coming for their arses.

How, you might ask?

By scripting a bunch of PSA's that I wish I could make if I had the money. If the government wants to use the

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Three days plague free! Yippee!

Let's recap this year:

  • Australia was on lots of fire
  • A heinous plague emerged from China
  • Probes were spotted orbiting the moon [they weren't aliens, boo]
  • Business attempted to tell us that thousands of deaths were preferable to the loss of untold amounts of money
  • The Muppet bought it
  • New Zealand did not
  • Australia tried to straddle the middle
  • Protests erupted in the USA that have bordered on a civil war
  • Fascists gonna fasc
  • Australia nearly beat the plague
  • The Muppet's astroturf
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Day Secundus Once More

Two days without the plague in Queensland and the Karen Squad in Victoria are filming themselves violating mask laws and being "wise" to the police.

Charge them like unto a pissed-off buffalo.

It might be your right to not wear a mask, but it's our right to not get exposed to the plague. You don't wanna wear a mask? Fine. Stay the fuck home.


Every single Karen or Korey out there is contributing to the length this plague is dragging on.

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Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.

My extant compy is limping along okay... ish... but the Drobo that Beloved repaired with sticky tape is up to its old tricks of randomly crapping out and turning back on again. Amber lights all around.

I have a new phone with a nifty new plate charger - yay. BUT... because of Battery Issues (tm) I was unable to get all my data off my old phone and

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Taking My Time

We're back at Day Zero with two new cases and nothing in the news about who did so and why. Some Covid-Conspiracy nut in Victoria attempted to run the borders and got caught by law enforcement. I don't know if these two new cases came off the sick boat or came up by Karens doing their thing.

I haven't heard anything new about Muppet shenanigans apart from a continuing escalation of violence towards his electorate body and having to cancel the Repugnican

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The Year of the Groundhog

It's Day One of no plague in Queensland again. I've been here before, I'll be here again, and I will be screaming the lyrics to I Got You Babe as part of my Epic Road Warrior theme.

Chaos now has a FULL selection of noms to make sammiches with at school, since she doesn't like packing them at home. All frozen solid so they can survive the trip there in good condition. I hope.

People continue to be dillholes about this plague

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The Wheezing Continueth

My experimentation yesterday has revealed results. In that I can keep this compy functioning if I stick to the BARE MINIMUM of programs going at once. Mail, Markdown editor, and browser with only the necessary pages loaded. Nothing else.

Even then, it's slow as balls to get anything done, so... Yeah. I need to save up AU$1.5K so I can afford to get a new one and do all the things I dearly want to do. I already have the

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::Wheezing noises from Compy::

It's mostly-alive... I hope. Somewhat alive. Appreciably more functional than previously, let's say that. I still haven't installed anything new yet as the choices for functionality as far as I'm used to are (a) Two monitors and no backup, or (b) One monitor and backup readily available.

I don't know how to make my spare monitor work via the USB thing and the other port is a burned socket that Must Not Be Used.

Eh, I'll probably shut down everything but the

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I want to murder my spouse a little bit...

I want to run a software on my main compy. Before I can run said software, I needed to upgrade to the new OS. I could not do that because the SSD was fried. That's fixed for a limited definition of "fixed" but... Now I need to restore from backup.

In order to restore from backup, I need my Drobo in working order.

In order for my Drobo to work, it needs a new case as the old one is major-league borked.

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