Wednesday, Day One, Gallumphing

Miss Chaos goes to school today. I have to organise the potential sammich stuffings and put a note in the bag about said sammiches. I actually took a break to make sure that was done.

Yay. Now to make sure Miss Chaos actually gets moving before it's time to hustle onto the bus for a fun first day of schooling. Little Miss Pessimism insists there's no point so she got the Education Is Important lecture.

A peek at the news:

  • 17YO charged with murder by car
  • Fears of another wave as people misinterpret their first plague jab as complete protection
  • UK horrified as plans to control the plague mimic (ugh) the colonies [Aus]
  • Biden WAAAAYYYY more popular than the Muppet
  • Virus traces at seven QLD sites
  • Casino mogul and spouse pose as motel workers to get the plague jab
  • Sunshine Coast woman warned about a 2m snake under her car bonnet. It was a carpet python

Now to post another part of Destiny's Fools and work on today's story with a break to work on either my novel or some arts and farts.