Friday, Day Zero, Bread and Business

One new case today, and the total's at twenty-three. One patient in the ICU, which is worrying me a bit.

Restrictions are easing, and the most important part, government sponsored daycare schools are allowed to remain open. Huzzah. Even better news from my perspective - I scrolled most of the way down my phone's news feed this AM and only saw that saggy orange canker sore once. Bonus - he didn't look happy.

I'm still breathing sighs of relief over here. It's post-stress lassitude that still has me feeling "heavy" and "soggy" and worn out. Like that fuzzy feeling after a big cry or the difficulty in moving after a long time in the bath or the pool. I've been stressing for a long time, so de-stressing afterwards is going to take a bit of a while, too.

Heck, I'm even getting ideas for a First Sentence for a novel. The sequel to KOSBOB, Kingdom of Sand: The Shining Spires I don't know about that title because "SS" is problematic. I like alliteration, too. Crystal Castle is probably copyright Hasbro. Suggestions welcome. Silicon City would give too much away for the bombshell...

I'm going to be spending some time in The Saurus for this one.

In the news:

  • Biden in charge might boost the global economy
  • Tennis star who whined about quarantine is revealed to have the plague after all. Is she glad she didn't infect anyone else now? It's unclear
  • Biden's press secretary is the centre of some crushes, apparently
  • Muppet's in major financial difficulty
  • Biden's first act was to undo some of the disasterous decisions of the Muppet
  • The world's media loves Biden more than Muppet
  • QLD mum discovers home intruder had been living in her roof
  • WA pushing to leave Australia once more, and I predict that it'll cause more problems than it solves, just like Brexit
  • Plans on where to put incoming quarantiners is still a matter for active debate, as nowhere is actually good
  • Muppet's kiddies now left high and dry because dad's bad rep
  • Student dies suddenly, sparking some concerns over expected workload for the young
  • NSW finally records no new local cases
  • Man demands nudes before date, sparks internet outrage
  • Dead whale on beach in Victoria causes shark alerts
  • Rejoining Paris Accord is going to cost the USA $2 trillion say experts - how much did leaving it cost the USA, you moist drongoes?

I've made The Bikkie, I have Wilson growing on my desk. I'm going to make bread and unfuck the house today. At a later point I may look into adding random ideas to my wiki - untouched since... ::wince::

I might reserve that for Thursdays in future. Thursday or weekends. This Saturday, I hope to get my sunnies back from the shops. I'm working on a better routine for mental health benefits. We'll see what works.