Tuesday, Day 3, PLNs Forthcoming

I have Patreon nonse happening today. I have PLNs to go out and acquire brushes. I have further shenanigans involving tax nonsense because nothing is ever, ever easy around here.

It went like this:

  1. Attempt to get Mayhem's paperwork in order so that he can get job with help
  2. Realise we need tax BS done
  3. Wait a while for Beloved to get that sorted
  4. Ask politely if they've got it sorted
  5. B: "No, you have to make the appointment."
    Me: "Me? With whom? I don't have any details."
    B: "Sure you do, they send you mail about the super fund."
    Me: "Do we file our taxes with Agent S?"
    B: "Just email them and make an appointment."
  6. Agent S is on holidays until January
  7. Also the email address they have as me on file stopped working a while back and Beloved's not fixing it any time soon
  8. I email Agent S and wait for their date back
  9. Radio silence
  10. I email them again and politely inquire as to what's up and when can the appointment happen
  11. Radio silence
  12. I ring them [Big Stress] and sort out that the file email is not working and give them an alternate
  13. Everything hunky and dory. Ask Beloved when they want appointment with Agent S to do the taxes at freaking last
  14. B: "Why would we need an appointment with Agent S? Agent S doesn't do our taxes."
    Me: "I asked you that but you said make the appointment."
    B: "No I didn't."
    Me: D:< "Well I don't have any other details and these are the only mob that email me, so IDK what else to do."
    B: (rummage rummage) "You need to make an appointment with Agent C."
  15. I have a meltdown

We could have saved THREE MONTHS of shenanigans if (a) Beloved fixed my primary email like months ago, (b) Beloved answered my questions about Agent S, or (c) I remembered a single thing about any of our tax nonsense.

So once I'm done with storytime and excursion shenanigans, I must unearth Agent C and get into contact with them. Obviously telling them to reply to my stopgap email.


The news as it's filtered to me:

  • Reddit is plotting to squeeze all the shorts
  • Musk encourages this
  • Muppet's trying for the four D's
  • Australia's headed for zero plague, except for WA

Beloved gave me the "you're capable" speech and... fuck... it's gonna end in tears again.