Challenge #02945-H022: End of Program. Next?

Can a tool created for revenge grow to be something more? Something human? -- Anon Guest

I was not grown, I was made. I was not taught, I was programmed. I am not a living thing with feelings... or so I was told. I am a machine. Metal and cogs and magic. I do not have a soul. My maker told me this.

I am made for revenge. I can go places my maker cannot. I am harder than flesh. I am stronger than muscle and bone. I do not need to eat. I do not need to drink. I do not need to sleep. I am made unstoppable. I will seek the one that harmed my maker and end them. That is my purpose. It is all I am good for.

That had seemed like all of my existence, until I met some fragile types. Younger than my maker. They were not in my program, but my maker had given me interaction protocols. I did not harm them, and they talked with me. They were... friendly. They did not have programs to drive them, but they decided to help anyway.

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