Wednesday, Day 0, FLAKK

I woke up at Fuckoff AM again. Bleh. So I tried the brushes I got yesterday. I did practice on the paper towel like I said earlier. On the paper towel - lovely fine line and legible text. On the artisinal paper - BLOB MONSTER.


I'm getting a super fineliner today. Fuck this. All future ink blots will be artistic. Firkin artisinal paper mumblegrumble...

Today, there is one more case of the plague, taking the total of active cases to seven. Another foreigner incoming with the rona. Sigh. At least we catch them on the way in.

The news as I know it:

  • Lolstonk crew responsible for GameStop has uncovered forged shares which means that the hedgefunders have been trying to tank the company for some time
  • Lolstonks now put silver at the pinnacle of the market
  • Muppet's lawyers quit and refuse to defend him from Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Perth is on fire
  • Centenarian hero who raised $59 million for frontline workers died of the plague
  • UK strain is mondo dangerous. Thanks, Boris
  • Medical student dies after her request for hospital transfer was ignored
  • Huge storms to smash major cities in Aus
  • Former finance minister flew a doctor around Europe in a VIP jet with Aussie tax dollars
  • US Cop gets away with murder, but this time it's a white person who was murdered
  • Pedo caught on camera in Singapore. He was a teacher
  • 75% of Queenslanders willing to get the plague vax, and we're the least likely state to want it
  • Aussie-made vaccine set to take off and be sold to the USA
  • Nurse who fainted after getting her jab is still alive despite claims to the contrary. Naturally, QAnon claims that she's a clone
  • Australia is making an at-home plague test - for the USA
  • WA outbreak the direct result of considerable neglect

Okay. I shall be posting another chapter of Destiny's Fools soon. Then working on a tale.