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Challenge #03774-J121: Terms and Conditions

The most important books are the ones you have never opened. -- Lessons

"Welcome," said the voice, "to the Library of All Knowledge. What would you like to learn?"

The first impulse was to say all of it. So many dreams could come true. Each one of these books could impart a technique. Gift a mind with a skill. Yet there was not enough time to read up on how to fulfill all of his dreams.

He wanted to do so much, but he didn't have enough time. The idea came with the realisation. "Can I learn how to be immortal?"

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Challenge #03722-J069: True Family

A Human family find an orphaned infant Elf after a massive earthquake. Raising an Elf isn't easy, but they love the child as deeply as if the child were their own blood. -- The New Guy

Nino was eight before they learned that their name was not Poor Dear. They knew their story from before the time that they understood words.

Rennie and Mama found them crying by the road, the poor dear. Rennie scooped Nino up and Mama helped hir walk

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Challenge #03642-I354: Unwelcomed Experiences

This was a city nearly completely without humans, though all other races, especially the so-called "unwanted" and "unappreciated" ones lived in peace. When humans came, they were often met with suspicion at the gate. After all, many of those who dwelled within had once dealt with... "human hospitality" the hard way before they made it here. -- Anon Guest

They called it Middenden as a joke, and the name stuck. Those who made it were, after all, those thrown out by the

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Challenge #03638-I350: A Cursed Gift

“Wear a mask for too long, it will become your face,” and, “fake it till you make it,” mean the same thing for very different reasons -- Anon Guest

The Mask of Aspirations was soft like clay in her hands. It would fit easily over her face and do nothing. Not until she stated her terms. Agda shaped a pretty nose for it and watched as it returned to a bland and uninteresting normalcy.

She had to tell it what she wanted.

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Challenge #03595-I306: Accidental Family

A traveling merchant meets a lost infant dragon with no family anywhere to be seen. They adopt the young dragon, caring for them, and search for the hatchling's family while traveling the trade routes. -- DaniAndShali

Adult Dragons are huge. Everyone knows this. What might surprise people is that the babies are ludicrously tiny. Orgoloth the Mad found a creature ze initially mistook for a microdragon huddling in the shrubbery. Ze wondered briefly why it was moist and sticky, but a quick

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Challenge #03594-I305: Impossible Quest of Certain Doom

“I am part angel, demon, Treant, mermaid, kobold, dwarf, elf, dark elf, gnome, aarakocra, aasimar…

[Two Minutes Later] oh and I have an elder dragon soul.”

“By the stars what are you?”

“In all honesty I don’t know, but everything cancels each other out so, human?” -- Anon Guest

[AN: One of my lovely readers, DaniAndShali had these fun words to say about this prompt: "LOL Man, this one reminds me of this song!! Mis - Conceptions by Mercedes Lackey! https:

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Challenge #03590-I301: Do Not Follow

Had you ruled in my stead, I’d feared that your demise might mirror hers, I could not let that happen. Not again. But if I let you choose your destiny, would you instead spend it resenting me? -- Anon Guest

There's more than one kind of King who never wanted the crown. In the case of Prince-Constort Kanutus, beloved of the Warrior Queen Haalvig, having the crown and the throne meant the death of his wife. Known far and wide as

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Challenge #03588-I299: Unkindness in the Deep Woods

This (link) -- AmberFox

Marilene was lost. Mama had sent her to gather 'enough' kindling and, with the help of some reeds and grass, now had a bundle of twigs bigger than her on her head. That was the good bit. She was being a good daughter for Mama.

The bad part was that she had been so determined to get the mostest sticks in the world that she lost track of the way home. And now the woods were getting spooky.

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Challenge #03573-I284: Preternatural Rogues

Soy un ángel, él es un demonio y somos mejores amigos. Lo siento, pero acabas de insultar a mi amigo por última vez. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translation from search engine: I am an angel, he is a demon and we are best friends. I'm sorry, but you just insulted my friend for the last time.]

Children have little experience with being prejudiced. They learn such from adults. And when one is beaten down because of a birth defect, there's little difference

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Challenge #03572-I283: A Very Special Remedial Education

A special school. This was built for the families of those who had committed crimes against the very people the "Noble" lords and ladies were supposed to protect. The young, the innocents, the guiltless, all of these were gathered, even if they were almost adults, brought to the school, and taught a new way to live. The lords and ladies that committed the crimes, THEY would face punishment. The rest? They would be given a chance to break that terrible cycle. --

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Challenge #03561-I272: Curing the Cursed

Serial killers always slip up, sooner or later. In this case, it was targeting the daughter of someone very prominent. A daughter who managed to escape before he could "finish the job". The "Past Victims Club" had a way to expose him now, "we were not dead, he left us for dead, but we were just badly hurt."

But some of the survivors are now taking an interest in the dear necromancer's work, and asking to be students. So ones like him

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Challenge #03552-I263: Wait, What?

Scientists are baffled and confused! The sky ships have been hanging over our planet for weeks now?! Where did they come from and what do they want?! (link) (link) -- AmberFox

[AN: Both links lead to advertisements for Freeview, yet another streaming service full of yet more content. The ads are clever though]

They looked absolutely ridiculous. For starters, most of their structure was wood and brass. Wings of canvas and rope splayed out like fins from an otherworldly fish. There was

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Challenge #03531-I243: Welcome to the Fosterhaus

They were Tieflings and Aasimars, siblings all, who went from place to place. They gathered the unwanted children that others refused to care for, and brought them to a massive, special, boarding school that ensured the children were loved, cared for, got a good education, and learned to see all beings as equals, no matter who, or what, they were. To judge on personality and actions, rather than species. -- Anon Guest

The Plane of Torment and the Plane of Boons are

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Challenge #03521-I233: Damage Control

"Yu....yu a tief!!" a scared little voice.

"I'm a tiefling, but I promise, child, I won't hurt you. I know you're just scared and hurt."

"'n....not mean tief...yu fwend?"

"Yes. I'm your friend." -- Anon Guest

The child was still wedged into a very small space and Flourish currently couldn't tilt hir head for fear of upsetting the birds. They had decided to nest in hir antler-like horns. Getting down to the child's level involved lying awkwardly on hir

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Challenge #03520-I232: How to Tame Your Blood God

A person went to an ancient temple that looked almost as if it were in ruins. They begged of the god that was still willing to answer, please make me immortal, please let me heal others at a mere touch, and please, help me so that my heart never goes cold toward the plight of others. -- Anon Guest

Ask a lonely god for a favour, and they will pay in abundance. There's always a price for such a thing. Some demand

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