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Challenge #03912-J260: Games That Neophytes Play

A giggling toddler swipes Wraithvine's hat when it was set on the ground. They run around camp trying to wear it and, well, be a typical silly, happy, toddler. -- Anon Guest

Certain happenstances are universal. If you have a less-than ordinary accessory and put it down, the nearest toddler is going to steal it for laughs. Cane? A toddler is going to take it and run away laughing. Cloak? The toddler is going to become the campsite blanket monster. Funny hat? Guess what...

Wraithvine didn't even have time to take out hir comb before the smallest child capable of grabbing and running took the hat and immediately took off.

Ze'd been through this sort of thing too many times to be concerned. Ze kept combing and rebraiding hir hair as assorted adults attempted to catch the miniscule criminal. The tiny terror was having the absolute time of their life, running where no grownups could go, laughing all the way, and otherwise playing with the hat.

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Challenge #03863-J211: Lucky They Were There

The child stood in the hall screaming high and shrill red-faced. Jay and Lilicoon find the child and get them to some help. Why is the child screaming? The place was very, very, crowded, and they'd lost track of the parents. -- The New Guy

It was too loud thanks to a fault in the nearest air circulation fans. They created a shrieking din so cacophonous that it was hard to hear oneself think. The local engineers were working on it, but

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Challenge #03755-J102: The Best Hat in the World

Wraithvine and friends were riding in a carriage to the next village. A small child kept giggling, trying to swipe the pointed hat, wanting to wear it. The parent sighed with patience trying to get the somewhat rambunctious toddler to settle. -- Anon Guest

Gikka had to ride on the roof, under the close watch of the carriage guard. Strodius was wedged into a corner and incapable of movement. The Hellkin next to him was barely capable of crochet. There was one

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Challenge #03742-J089: Just Keep Them Occupied

A family begs Wraithvine to babysit two very hyper kids so they can go and gather in the crops. Normally the mother would watch the children, but she is feeling very ill. Needless to say, at naptime, Wraithvine has no problem getting the kids to sleep. -- The New Guy

[AN: My RNG gender picker wound up with "he/hims" all the way down, so it's Papa and Dad running the farm in this story]

The triplets were far too young to

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Challenge #03724-J071: Lessons for All

It's hard being a teacher and coming up with a lesson plan that incorporates the needs of Deathworlders and Havenworlders together. But I love how fast children adapt, and learn how to be gentle and caring with each other, with the right kind of education from us, and their parents. -- Lessons

Whenever a Deathworlder comes to the class, it's always a good idea to spend a day or two on "gentle touch" and why they must ask first. There's always a

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Challenge #03668-J015: Unjustly Underestimated

Valuing strength above all, she saw no worth in me. —————————— “It’s ok dear let mama carry the groceries.” -- Anon Guest

Life is long, and full of struggles. There are many mountains to climb in the span of a lifetime, and I shall do many great deeds. This, I know in my heart of hearts. You may call me prideful, but I name myself 'motivated'.

You, who scoff and sneer at me. You, who judge me by my size. You, who

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Challenge #03628-I340: Safety and Security

The tug is brought back to the station, the owners are told what happened, but are not angry at the kids, like Oz, is only greatly disappointed. However, the kids must face consequences for their behavior, and the parents are going to get a SERIOUS lesson in child-care, and a long talking-to. -- Lessons

It's universally agreed that eight and under is a bit young for Grand Theft Space Tug. There was going to be a

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Challenge #03602-I313: Water it Down!

Two Humans angrily fighting each other, bare-fisted, in a hallway. The instant a Havenworlder child comes around the corner and sees it, and they spot the child, they stop, instantly, growl they'll "deal with it later", and do their best to try to avoid frightening the youngster. -- DaniAndShali

There was an irregular thumping noise in the halls. Touring through them, the thumping got louder, but less explicable. West turned the corner and saw something really confusing. The Ships' Humans were sort

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Challenge #03565-I276: Avast Ye!

Young, wannabe pirates steal a ship. The human aboard refuses to hurt kids, but they are NOT amused! -- Anon Guest

"What are you, twelve?" Human Oz glared down at the 'dread pirate' Bao, who had a kitten face on their overalls pocket. "I'm old enough to be your grandren[1]. I should send you to the corner."

"I'm eight," said the 'dread pirate' Bao. "And I'm the Captain 'cause of my mean scar, and you're s'posed to surrender." The 'mean scar'

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Challenge #03531-I243: Welcome to the Fosterhaus

They were Tieflings and Aasimars, siblings all, who went from place to place. They gathered the unwanted children that others refused to care for, and brought them to a massive, special, boarding school that ensured the children were loved, cared for, got a good education, and learned to see all beings as equals, no matter who, or what, they were. To judge on personality and actions, rather than species. -- Anon Guest

The Plane of Torment and the Plane of Boons are

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Challenge #03521-I233: Damage Control

"Yu....yu a tief!!" a scared little voice.

"I'm a tiefling, but I promise, child, I won't hurt you. I know you're just scared and hurt."

"'n....not mean tief...yu fwend?"

"Yes. I'm your friend." -- Anon Guest

The child was still wedged into a very small space and Flourish currently couldn't tilt hir head for fear of upsetting the birds. They had decided to nest in hir antler-like horns. Getting down to the child's level involved lying awkwardly on hir

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Challenge #03508-I220: Educating Warriors

"Kids, I could use some help in the kitchen!"

sound of many running feet

"FO' DIN-DIN!!!" -- Escla

Warrior cultures aren't warriors all the time. Many people think so, and presume that everything is a fight. They presume that the entire tribe lives by the sword, on a horse, and nothing else ever happens without bloodshed. No culture is a monolith and no one group of people ever do the same thing.

The Orcish steppes are chilly, that much is true. The

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Challenge #03303-I015: The Terrors of Human Larvae

Q: How do you terrify a Vorax?

A: Stick them on a ship with a bunch of humans and tell them they're going to have to babysit the toddlers!

This exchange program is going to require the poor Vorax getting a large amount of therapy afterward. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Children should never be seen as punishment. No matter what the circumstances]

There was a nervous peace between the Humans and the Vorax. The Alliance was letting the Humans spread their pack-bonding

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Challenge #03233-H324: Minor Disaster Control

A sleepy human child care provider is trying their damndest to stay awake while watching over a mixed nursery of kids, Havenworlder and Deathworlder, but they have another hour before the malfunctioning door is finally fixed and the parents can come in and collect the kids. - Anon Guest

One more Deregger colony had gone down in flames, as Deregger colonies were wont to do. Their installations would not be wasted, but they did have to be upgraded. People were still moving

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Challenge #03232-H323: Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

A level 2 Deathworlder looks much like the old lycanthropes of legend. However, Human children are entranced by their soft fur rather than be afraid. -- Anon Guest

She had heard a word so often that it may well be a slur. The Humans in her aura tended to call her a "werewolf". As far as Mani could tell, they didn't mean anything horrible by it. It was just a nickname. And anyway, Deathworlders tended to stick together with their odd variants

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