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Challenge #04210-K192: Important Lesson to Learn...

"Please, I don't want to die painfully so... make it quick?"

"Why would I kill you?"

"Isn't that what you people do?"

"No, surrender quietly, and I won't even slap you."


"Besides you didn't know what you were doing was wrong. The ones I'm actually going to slap are your teachers." -- Lessons

News like Pax Humanis coming after one is especially alarming when one has no idea why they're coming.

Executive Oin was young, and technically in charge. Since he was very young, that amounted to following every single lesson his tutors had given him as if it were a set of sacred instructions. For Dereggers, the instructions for profit without loss might as well be sacred instructions.

He didn't try to run from his fate. He faced it like any true man might, with a weapon leveled at the only door. It wasn't the gun that gave the enforcer pause. It was his age.

"We can talk, can't we?" he asked. "Before I get what I deserve?"

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Challenge #04209-K191: In the Other's Shoes

The Academy has a Reverse Room. Every year the student handbook is given out, and one of the first warnings is that bullying is NOT tolerated. What happens to a bully? They are forced to sit in the heavily padded Reverse Room. There spells in there force them to see and feel everything they did to their victims, from the victims point of view. -- Anon Guest

Educational facilities have had various methods of dealing with bullies. The usual methods allow the

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Challenge #04189-K171: To Fight Another Day

A special class was being held for those who are unwanted. Not just combat with hands and feet, but also exercising the tails, making them dexterous and nimble. For those with wings, using the wings like bludgeons in combat, using horns. Using weapons.. people never figured could actually be used as weapons. Expect the unexpected. -- Anon Guest

"I cannot teach you all the same," said the teacher. Battle-scarred and bent with age, they could nevertheless still hold their own in a

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Challenge #04074-K056: Zen and the Art of Learning

Several students of Twii have opened their own dojos to help teach that which they'd learned from their sensei. Twii decides to visit to inspect the dojos, and see how lessons are coming along. -- Anon Guest

A good education is like a virus. It's pretty much designed to spread. Knowledge shared is strength that unites both teacher and student. And if the teacher is really good, they're willing to learn from the student.

Thus, Master

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Challenge #04059-K041: Not the Comfy Chair!

A very large iron asteroid has been hollowed out to become a very strong space station, and also heavily reinforced. This becomes a giant "court house" and also therapy center. So large sections of it become giant "Truth Booths". Knomiras and Dereggers, and others like them throw a FIT when its construction is finished. Esp. the ones assigned to that station for their court cases and therapy. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Ironcore. Justice is served

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Challenge #04052-K034: Test That Theorem

A kid who used their strength and size to bully other kids was sent to Lord Kormwind, Kosh to his friends, to try to teach him, the parents were at their wits end and needed help. He refused to listen to them anymore as his parents, weakened after having gotten sick, could no longer get him to stop hanging out with .... less than pleasant crowds. -- Anon Guest

Whitekeep never kept anyone in chains. It was one of the founding principals of

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Challenge #04014-J361: Benevolent Reformations

A kingdom's literacy rate is less than 30%. The new rulers want, need, to improve that. Why? A literate, educated, population is a population that can help pull the kingdom out of the rut it's fallen into. -- Anon Guest

Pax Infernus was changing the world. Not just with a peace between realms, nor by banding together against mutual threats. This time, they were changing the world by helping within the allies' infrastructure.

Some joined just for the help that Pax Infernus

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Challenge #04010-J358: Get Comfortable

Jay and Mr. Sunshine are having lunch when some of the station's cats decide that these two individuals' laps will make good napping spots. -- Anon Guest

Mr Sunshine had been tasked with Jay's education. This included, according to Mr Sunshine, the student's introduction to the finer things in life. A sampling of everything that the cultures of the Universe could permit.

Today, it was sushi and blooming tea.

The tea steeped and performed in a glass teapot set between them, while

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Challenge #04000-J348: Scheherazade IV

They were a member of Pax Humanis, but was so elderly their days hunting down the truly evil of the universe was over. These days, they trained new assassins how to find the ones who truly deserved to be eliminated, and how to eliminate them in a way that scared the crap out of other evil people who were on that same path. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Yes I know it should be story 4004 because Scheherazade told a thousand and one

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Challenge #03954-J302: First, Do No Harm

A school has a massive garden with herbs, fruits, and vegetables almost as far as the eye can see. Here, some of the best healers in the world are taught their trade. Here, people also learn to cook, season, and care for others. -- Anon Guest

It's easy to mistake the School of Helpful Hands for a Druidic grove. The plants are abundant and bountiful. There are lush herbs from all over the world growing there. Some in hothouses. The animals there

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Challenge #03910-J258: An Essential Education

An elderly king learned the retired ruler, Kormwind, Kosh to his friends, was visiting visiting his kingdom. He asked that Kosh be respectfully invited to the palace to give advice to his daughter, who was about to be elevated to queen, and was quite nervous. -- Anon Guest

There was very little indigo left in the old Hellkin's braided locks, any more. He wore no crown, but bore a heavily-varnished Favour next to his house sigil like a prize medal. His lady

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Challenge #03894-J242: Visibly Strange

An elf ended up with a health problem that, after they recovered, made them unable to grow back their hair. It was intensely rare, but not completely unheard of. People remind their children not to stare, it's rude. And the kind elf doesn't deserve people to be rude. -- DaniAndShali

The common name was Nahripox, and it doesn't kill. People therefore believe that it is harmless. What it can do, especially to Elves, is scar. Some lose the whole or part of

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Challenge #03836-J184: Learn to Learn

Here, I will teach you, not how to fight, but how to avoid fighting. How to disable your opponents without killing them. Remember, killing is, and always MUST be, only a last resort. -- Anon Guest

"I thought you were a Master of Shadows," sneered Shea, they were not impressed by any of this. Least of all the half-hour wait while Master Kosh meditated in a sunbeam. "Aren't they meant to be assassins?"

The old Hellkin who had once been king by

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Challenge #03834-J182: The Right School

They come upon a town with a fairly advanced academy of magic. Oddly enough, not a single magic item to be found. All the students had to use their own abilities, not gimmicks. -- Anon Guest

There was a twisted tree, shaped by magic into several rooms and chambers with purpose. There was shaped stone merged into it. There were groves growing hazel wood, there was a river lined with interesting stones. There were built structures clustered in and around it, making

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Challenge #03825-J173: Educational Reforms

The pressure to do evil is immense, if there comes a day when I must “Discipline” you, please believe me that my only thought is of… protecting you. -- Anon Guest

Some traditions in education have to die. Some have to be actively murdered. Forcing left-handed people to only use their right hands, for instance. Or... being very strict with the Unwelcome Peoples.

"It's necessary," insisted Scholar Administator Brogitarius Zenonis, straight into the face of one of the Unwelcome. The fact that

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