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Challenge #03391-I103: Time Enough

The thoughts and inner feelings of the old witch as new students come to call. Someone to pass their knowledge to, and, perhaps, a new, young apprentice here to take their place when old age finally takes its dues?

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03335-i047-accepting-the-price -- Anon Guest

Varicelle had taken an overdose in her elder years, and had been looking for cures for old age for millennia. Alas, every fountain of youth had its price. A price too severe for an old witch already cursed with immortality.

There were cures for immortality, but they generally involved decapitation.

Now there were two Elven sorts in her periphery. One fellow immortal and one sad fellow wishing he was. The less said about the Orc and the Bugbear, the better. Both were diligent workers, but only Wraithvine worked as if ze had all the time in the world.

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Challenge #03384-I096: Evening the Scores

They have been "brat" their entire life. Or, when called to with less harsh tones, "brainless". They were intelligent, they tried to be kind, but always the same cruel words. As they wandered the world they met a band a travelers who helped them find a new name, and took the traveler into their arms, helping heal a broken spirit. -- Fighting Fit

There are houses with too many children. Spaces too small for the people occupying them. Nevertheless, those spaces can

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Challenge #03375-I087: Elevation Trepidation

They begin a determined quest to find a way to protect wraithvine and other GOOD magic users from the devastating effects of that powerful spell. And, begin to test Amatu to see just how powerful his abilities truly are, including to see if those wings really will help him fly.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03327-i039-a-brief-and-regrettable-encounter -- DaniAndShali

The water looked even further down from the top of the overhang. "I'm not sure about this," said Amatu. "I've only ever glided before.

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Challenge #03369-I081: Consequences of the Forgotten

Can we have a story about Wraithvine having to teach this doofus to be a "mini me" of him as it were? That is, since he was begging to follow hir around and basically learn to be just like them?

It's from this one. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03319-i031-lesson-two -- Anon Guest

Nobody trailed after Wraithvine like a lost duckling. There were things to learn and the eternal Wizard knew everything. Including the simple fact that there is more to learn.

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Challenge #03360-I072: Hello All Over Again

They find Anthe's reincarnation, and this little imp is just as wild, as adventurous, and as fun-loving as her previous incarnation.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03315-i027-do-better#@internutter/re-bkf-r6duuq -- Lessons

Kobolds, like Goblins, are remarkably prolific. Considering that their usual destiny is to end as a brief and crunchy squeak, this is entirely understandable. If they didn't breed like flies, there would be none of the species left. Whilst the Goblins have a complicated labyrinth for their departed souls, the Kobolds

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Challenge #03354-I066: Another Go Around

Kal awakened in a land of mist. Glowing spheres, representatives of the gods, with their verdict. They were going to be merciful. They were going to give this man, who worked so hard to undo the crimes he committed, a second chance. His old partner was writhing in hell, but he may yet escape that fate. Reborn once more to find the path as a healer, rather than a killer.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03308-i020-repaid-in-full -- Anon Guest

There is no

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Challenge #03347-I059: We Know This Looks Bad

He swears his blade to Wraithvine. For as long as he lives, and for generations to come in his family, they swear to be the bodyguards of the eternal elf, and those the elf bade them to protect. The wizard saved him and his entire family, now, his family swears, they will protect the wizard.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03307-i019-the-sword-often-loses -- FightingFit

After the bloodiest of bloody coups, a man of knives takes a knee once more. Offers his blade to

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Challenge #03335-I047: Accepting the Price

Sneaking this in even though you said you wanted to get down to 50 prompts before opening it back up again.

It's from this story btw. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03240-h331-not-as-expected#@internutter/re-bkf-r3v5fl

As Wraithvine sat without even batting an eye to let the older woman cut the hair, the woman rather surprised to say the least that they'd just sit and allow it, another comes into the home. This being looked almost exactly like the immortal elf. Wore clothing similar,

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Challenge #03329-I041: The Most Important Story

The children of the village gather around Marvin and Lady Anthe and beg them to tell a story about their travels and adventures. -- Anon Guest

"How did we wind up doing this?" said Marvin, still in the process of making his home.

"Ha! That takes me back," Lady Anthe had a sharp-toothed grin. "You used to say that a lot when you were younger and sillier."

"I was very young when we met," he said. He put down his tools so

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Challenge #03327-I039: A Brief and Regrettable Encounter

Wraithvine was down for the count, again! The latest tests to try to find a way to immunize hir, as it were, against the effects of that blasted bell, and the shockingly powerful abilities of Amatu, were proving problematic. The young destined, for his part, was deeply apologetic as Wraithvine awakened again in the bedrolls, head throbbing, and being gently offered a restorative drink as they were trying to find a way to turn that dangerous weapon toward enemies, without harming beloved

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Challenge #03325-I037: Deceptively Simple Spellwork

"Oh I'm going to hate this" muttered Wraithvine as they entered the town to drop off Slippery Sam. Amatu put the bell back in a pack that Wraithvine enchanted so only Amatu could open it, and, to avoid thieves, a curse on the pack so only those that had no intention on stealing it from Amatu could touch it without getting their hands proverbially "slapped".

Poor Wraithvine was going to endure a lot of discomfort while they researched why the bell did

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Challenge #03319-I031: Lesson Two

As Wraithvine was well into their cups, a very kind looking individual comes up to them to put a party hat on their head and give them a hug. As they hug Wraithvine, they whisper into the ear, softly, carefully, "I've likely been around almost as long as you have, though my immortality was accidental, a spell gone haywire. Like you, I've learned to use it to help those in need. Now, I intend to go with you, I'll follow, even if

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Challenge #03315-I027: Do Better...

Wraithvine and the ones with them are called back to Lower Petraine. The runner had used scrying, along with a signal that this was immensely urgent, to let everyone know they were coming. Out of breath, especially using the swiftness spell to get to the gentle mage, along with Vee and everyone with them, hurried back to the village. Gentle Anthe was in hospice, age had caught up with her and she'd not long left. But, she wanted to see her grandchild

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Challenge #03313-I025: Cold Stone Inn

It's young Venin who points out the blunt obvious to these two adults, Kevin's got that bow that shoots those magic arrows, and the last time he experimented with it, he made the equivalent of a Hero's Feast. Did they forget as long as he's there with the bow, they'll never go hungry?


https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03185-h276-divine-intervention -- Anon Guest

The good berries were filling, for their tiny size. One argument resolved and bellies

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Challenge #03311-I023: Eggshell Crack'd

Why did this happen to Lillian? Why did she have to suffer? Why couldn't we tell her the TRUTH? These were things that went through the priest's and the acolyte's heads. But the Old One had told them. The girl had been half-god long before she "died", her mortal self burning away when the mana took over. The world was changing, they had to be able to move the spring to new safe places when the dark magi came. She was the

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