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Challenge #03223-H314: Schoolyard Encounter

Marvins beloved daughter, Vee, is a little older now and is a child that's apprenticing for her magic and her ability to heal using magic is becoming all the more impressive. Thanks to her dad's influence, greed, or ego, has never touched her, and compassion has become the solid core of who she is. Many still seek the youngster's aid, and as she gets older, she's getting more dragon-like in appearance, though retaining her human form, and she lives a happy life with her dad, and everyone else, watching over her.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03013-h090-something-popped-up -- Anon Guest

Vee was six, and going to school. There was a very interesting half hour in those school days where anyone magical attempted to hone her abilities to the point where they were actually under control. The wings could slow any fall, especially from a great height. Skinned knees were now only a thing from skipping, then tripping, along Lower Petraine's roads and pathways.

But for every school, even under the influence of Wraithvine, there were bullies. One of them "creatively borrowed" their parent's holy symbol and managed to cast Insect Plague. It was all derogatory laughter until Vee activated her poison breath, slaughtering the vermin.

Parents and guardians were summoned. A reckoning was bound to be had. Both Vee and the ringleader of the bullies - Sakarin Bane - were sulking in opposite time-out chairs. Glaring molten death at each other.

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Challenge #03219-H310: On the Road to Destiny

Though it was reluctantly, he followed Wraithvine and Pondermoore, he convinced his mother and the rest of his family to remain behind to care for their farm, and they decided to follow the map provided, and to turn over the criminal in the cage to the proper authorities. In the meantime, he was trying to find a way to keep his bell from knocking Wraithvine to the ground like that.

From this prompt https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03138-h229-the-opening-volley -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #03216-H309: Any Excuse to Party

Some townsfolk lie to Wraithvine and hir friends saying there's a meeting in the big town hall. Managing to get Wraithvine and the rest into the dark hall, suddenly the torches flare and everyone jumps out and shouts "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" With gifts, food, and decorations!

No one actually knew what the real birthday was, but it was decided, because the being was so kind, to throw a birthday party anyway! -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine knew something was up in a cold

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Challenge #03215-H306: Why Didn't You Say?

Ms. Oxbrydl decides the poor elf needs a mother's care as well and decides to go from treating hir as just a protector and teacher of her son, to looking out for hir as well. Cooking meals, sometimes trying to get hir to wear a jacket as it gets cooler, fussing as she does for Kevin and her new goblin child, and even sometimes singing a lullaby at night trying to get hir to shut hir eyes and sleep for a while.

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Challenge #03214-H305: Instant Adoption

Little Scut gets a new name, a new "mom", and a new, if clumsy, "big brother". Wraithvine helps them pack up camp and watches over the family, and one has to wonder what ze's thinking, and feeling, knowing the small creature ze rescued now has a loving family, thanks to hir.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03149-h240-motivation-inclination -- Anon Guest

[AN: Fixed the pronouns up there. Wraithvine is a ze/hir just like your humble author. I called hir 'him' in one

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Challenge #03187-H278: The Real Monsters

They looked like monsters, but when children, any children, were being mistreated? The ones that mistreated the children learned what real monsters really looked like. -- Anon Guest

The wrought-iron gate declared it to be the Everkind Sanctuary for Unwanted Children, and one running waif had incidentally sent Wraithvine their way. The child that the Elven Wizard had found went away with basic survival tools and a pouch full of New Start Money[1]. Now the alleged sanctuary was going to get

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Challenge #03185-H276: Divine Intervention

Poor Kevin. Due to the nature of his fate, or perhaps destiny and prophecy had decided to be particularly interesting, a new bow showed up one evening as everyone slept. It only worked for Kevin, each time he pulled back, an arrow forming. The arrow type depended what was on his mind and in his heart, from healing ones that, when striking an ally, healed their illnesses and wounds, to deadly ones. He shot in anger into the trees after someone insulted

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Challenge #03179-H270: I Didn't Know it Was You

A young wizard meets up with an older, immortal, wizard and their companions and asks to join their encampment for the evening. The young wizard is a traveling bard with an easy smile and a gentle good humor. The young wizard looks down upon their new friends, for they are a fully grown bugbear, and smiles at the even younger bugbear that travels with the older wizard and begins to tell stories of travel and adventure, and offers to share an evening

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Challenge #03168-H259: We're Starting a Band

Wraithvine introduces Amatu to some of the other chosen, and brings him to meet the child Vee and her family.

From these prompts https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03013-h090-something-popped-up

And https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03091-h183-pause-button-broken -- Anon Guest

There are many things to be said about chosen ones, but, "At least this one isn't taking along their mum," is fairly rare. It has been sighed a few times by Wraithvine as ze drove the cart along some very specific trackways with

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Challenge #03166-H257: Sense Motivation

An elderly woman, a witch, was quietly hobbling along the path back to her village with more healing herbs. She was well respected among the village, save for a few newcomers who were learning quickly the village protected their healer, and her apprentices, rather fiercely. When Wraithvine came to the village with hir friends, she offered to teach hir how to make a very special potion. Everhealing Elixir. It could heal any illness, any injury, and, in its concentrated form, even reverse

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Challenge #03150-H241: An Idiot in the Dark

The apprentice wizard had screwed up and had messed up the invisibility spell. They were stuck. They went to find the immortal wizard Wraithvine and found them with the bugbear child and the kolbold companion. Soon as the bugbear child spotted them, they cried begging for help. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possibly related to this one. Making me look these up eats time]

Being invisible sucks. Though there are senses that make up for it, like seeing your hand in the dark[

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Challenge #03149-H240: Motivation Inclination

The young, 'chosen one', Kevin, is learning about his destiny. The fall leaves are changing, his mother is being her usual self, and the poor kid has just screwed up his fifth spell covering himself in yet another layer of overly bright colored dyes. Well, better learning on dyed dolls and straw dummies than anything alive, for now. Ah, what a lovely fall day! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt harkens back to Kevin Oxbrydl in this story. PLEASE give the URLs

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Challenge #03138-H229: The Opening Volley

Poor Wraithvine, the trauma of trying to train, and protect, a young chosen one by the name of Kevin, and his strong-headed mother while Kevin was training, still fresh in his mind, and now yet another young one, this time even stronger, and even MORE reluctant, to leave his home. Destiny isn't kind though, not by a long shot. If it was, then why are those rather pissed off looking purists trying to raid the village and get rid of "monsters"? And

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Challenge #03135-H226: Incitement to Heroism

Amatu is reluctant to leave his home, the farm, the village he grew up in. A place where he is loved and accepted despite his odd appearance. The immortal mage decides to stick around for a while, since things about this young man are more than a little interesting, but thanks to one form of magic showing in the bell, the next starts to show in his abilities growing stronger. He yells at a crooked trader from another land to tell the

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Challenge #03091-H183: Pause Button Broken

bkf48a day ago:

I'd love for wraithvine to meet this guy! :-)

internutter73a day ago:

They'd for sure bump into each other via other shenanigans.

WV: Whoa! That's one heck of a Destiny you've got there. What do you have up your sleeve.

A: Well I have this weird bell, these passive qualities, and I can [ABILITY] once a day.

WV: Cool. I can teach you how to be clever with that.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03050-h127-fate-destiny-a-basket -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Whoops

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