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Challenge #03738-J085: Gently Pressed to Service

Wraithvine, along with hir apprentice, Gikka, and hir cat, walk into a city that has recently suffered a major natural disaster. Instead of greetings, the group is pressed into service as people are rushing around trying to treat the injured, rescue the trapped, and save as many lives as possible. The guard knew it was rude, but this was an emergency. -- Anon Guest

"You lot! You're walking! Get over here and help. A Kobold! Wonderful! Please, the biggest need is this way."

They knew there was trouble, having been woken up by a rumbling of the earth. The fact that a Kobold was greeted with joy was a dead give-away. Pondermore snagged a different Watchmember and said, "You need heavy things moved. Show me where."

She let them lead. As did Wraithvine and Strodius. While magic couldn't solve every problem, it certainly made a lot of them less. Pressing wheat fresh from the fields into loaves of aromatic bread for the survivors. Lifting, moving, or re-shaping earth to save those trapped under the rubble, making ghostly hands to give out blankets or beverages to those rescued.

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Challenge #03733-J080: One Lengthy Break in a Resort Town

Yes I am stealing a very silly anime trope that's often used in comedic series especially.

Wraithvine's apprentice accidentally walks in on hir while Wraithvine is having a shower. Oops! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Someone please explain to me why this is funny? I don't get it]

Pressurised water, heated from the nearby volcanic springs, was one of the draws of Gildfont. There was a bathhouse on every corner and most of them were focussed on getting their visitors clean.

It was

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Challenge #03731-J078: Cracked Logic

"How...how.. did you... defeat me? I was so powerful!"

"But you acted without knowledge or thought."

"I don't get it!"

"Alright, before you go to prison, a brief lesson. Remember this. Power without knowledge is useless, it's like having a huge, beautiful, cart, and no animal to pull it. And knowledge, even the smallest amounts, is a power all on it's own." -- Lessons

Exploding magical devices only did so much good for his final attack on his old master. The

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Challenge #03726-J073: A Lighter Lesson

Some children, giggling, having a snowball fight, toss a few at Wraithvine, Gikka, and hir apprentice mage. They ask the travelers to please, come play. -- Anon Guest

Winter is rarely the favoured season of the dragon-kindred. Even one with a Ring of Elemental Resistance, like Gikka did, was prone to get pouting and grumbly in snowy weather. Just as Gikka was doing now.

"You're all right," Gikka complained. "You're only in the snow up to your knees. Meanwhile, I'm waist deep

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Challenge #03714-J061: Change a Life, Change the World

Wraithvine to the pickpocket. "What are you doing?"

The pickpocket to Wraithvine. "I'm hungry."

Gikka, smiling. "We have a cure for that." -- Anon Guest

Some precautions are very wise to heed. Never eat a Kobold's cooking without knowing exactly what went into it. Never call a Hellkin 'teuf' if you want to live the day. And never, ever try to pick a pocket of a Wizard.

Scram was finding this out, looking to get one of the sweet buns

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Challenge #03707-J054: Response Beyond Rime or Reason

Some, slightly drunk, mix of young half-elves and humans sneak up behind Wraithvine and friends, and drench them in ice cold water as a prank. Thank goodness, the day WAS rather hot, though the idiots THOUGHT they were being funny. -- Anon Guest

It was a common prank. First step was to have the common spell of Frosty Touch. Second step was to have at least one pail of water. The prankers chill the water until it was gelid. Then they picked

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Challenge #03701-J048: As You Wish

An elderly individual comes up to Gikka, while Wraithvine is giving lessons to his apprentice wizard, and the elder holds out a necklace shaped like a dragon in flight that glows with immense power. What is this charm? It holds the power to grant one wish. Any wish the wearer wants to make. But it only works once, then all the magic in it will be gone. -- Anon Guest

A wish is a terrible burden. Anyone who has one knows this.

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Challenge #03690-J037: Advanced Resistance

Wraithvine y sus amigos entran en un pueblo afectado por un brote de sarampiĆ³n. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translation from DuckDuckGo - Wraithvine and hir friends enter a village affected by a measles outbreak.]

Some called it Red-rash. Some called it Childpox, Some cursed its seemingly eternal presence as children passed it between other children. It was known mostly as Measles, and was wrongfully dismissed as a harmless childhood disease.

It was only ever survivable if the sufferer caught it when they

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Challenge #03683-J030: The Best Time to Mend

"I can't... keep up, even with... magic."

"Worry not, I help."

The giant grabbed Wraithvine, his young mage apprentice, Gikka, and the cat, put them on their shoulders, and kept running. Time was running out, that bad storm was getting closer, and safety was a distance yet. -- Anon Guest

Cikaros ran hell for leather, feet making craters in the otherwise blasted landscape. Normally, she would have to step carefully to avoid villages, hamlets, and isolated cottages, but nobody came to the

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Challenge #03679-J026: A Gift and a Price

A goddess offers Wraithvine's apprentice mage the ability to resurrect the newly dead. But the price is that their magic, and most of their stamina, is wiped out for the next 24 hours. -- The New Guy

Of offers from the gods is meant to come in crumbling temples. In deserts, where the Divine can find a mind crying out to the stars. In working with Wraithvine, and walking with Wraithvine, he had seen and heard many things.

He never expected to

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Challenge #03673-J020: Audience Survey

The bard saw Wraithvine and Gikka's camp, saw Wraithvine was sleeping, Gikka on guard. They quietly came up, asked to join the camp, and in return, offered to play music to while away some time -- Anon Guest

[AN: Elves don't sleep, Nonny, but I understand what you mean]

A wandering minstrel needs many things, it is true. Besides sustenance, rest, and shelter, a minstrel also needs an audience. So, footsore and travel weary, Chantalla Pascadill was glad of a fire with

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Challenge #03663-J010: The Hardest Lesson

"You have everything. Wealth, houses, tons of food, staff to satisfy your every whim. Yet, you say you feel empty inside. Lonely, and unfulfilled. How about try... sharing your wealth, and gaining a type of wealth no money could ever buy?" -- Anon Guest

Not every Dragon is born with scales and wings. Many are born in Human bodies, and live like their fellows. Save for one difference - they have it all, and they want more.

Witness the young Emperor Ymmus,

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Challenge #03662-J009: Gentle Corrections

Two travelers: a massive bugbear, and a small half-fae. The bugbear, a priest of the Church of Wraithvine, soothing, kind, soft-spoken; the half-fae, fierce, a warrior, and the bugbear's protector. Unfortunately, people get them mixed up all the time, much to their detriment. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: I have, in the world of Alfarell, fae-kin: people who came from, or are related to people who came from the Plane of Magic, also known as Nanogh. So that means I can make up

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Challenge #03658-J005: Unskilled at Bargaining

A dragon "kidnaps" Wraithvine's friend, Gikka, and flew off with her. Though, oddly enough, seemed to be flying slow enough to let Wraithvine keep up. Only to gently put Gikka down by a pile of books, and ask Gikka to please teach them how to read, offering dragon's gold in return for the favor. -- Lessons

Kobolds and Dragons go way back. Some say that when the world was very new, Dragons allegedly created Kobolds to be their servants. You know, since

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Challenge #03631-I343: Core Education

More lessons for the young man, maybe a few life lessons on self care, and self confidence? Maybe, eventually, helping others from that school?

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03570-i281-object-lessons#comments -- Anon Guest

They say that the oldest magic is the strongest, and they're not wrong. In the glory days of forgotten empires, there were less people for more magic. So of course every spell was stronger and had lasting power.

In the more recent day, such as the days Strodius

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