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Challenge #04221-K203: Good For What Ails You

Deregger escapees in a stolen ship nearly crash into the station due to lack of power to steer. Once rescued, the Gyiik in the station realize these Dereggers are badly starved, and kick into action to help them. -- Anon Guest

It had come in drifting, leaking, and clearly out of control. The comms were down, the lights were off, and scans recognised the atmosphere content inside it as 'terrible'. In the end of all things, it was a mercy that the station's Hungry Caterpillar devoured it.

One hundred and fifty souls were crammed in the ruin of a ship made for twenty, most of them were children. One hundred and fifty filthy human beings were decanted into emergency quarantine shelters. As soon as familial ties were identified, those families were re-united.

And then the Temple of Plenty sprang into action. Yes, the local Gyiiks argued, these people were in quarantine. Yes, they did have fragile systems that needed careful attention to detail... but they were also poor unfortunate souls who desperately needed something nice in their lives. Flavour. Variety. Choice!

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Challenge #04121-K103: What You Give...

A cruel lord tries to make the temple of helping hands illegal. They come to regret it and repent. -- Anon Guest

"Encouraging vagrancy and generating an atmosphere of listlessness," Pastor Tolerance read the highlights of the notice in her hands. "Sheltering the criminal element... if the building remains, I'll be arrested for masquerading as a woman of the cloth?" She passed it to Bathild, the Priest of Freja.

They had to don their reading glasses to examine the myopic script. "Charity

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Challenge #04114-K096: Earned Gratitude

H - I have.... WAY too much Time.

G - "You've worked hard you've earned that pay."

H - I didn't do that much.

G - "You signed the agreement including how much we were going to pay you."

H - Are you certain about this?

G - "Of course, your work has been absolutely invaluable to us."

H - It still... feels like I'm cheating... ripping you off.

G - "I assure you, you're not." -- The New Guy

I honestly

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Challenge #04108-K090: Go Forth in All Your Beliefs

While Wraithvine and hir companions are guests at a noble's mansion, the noble's mate asks if they will watch the children for an hour. Why there? There'd been a major out-wash of several roads, and they had kindly invited all travelers to stay in their mansion until it was fixed. They were ones that fully believed the gods blessed those who showed true kindness. -- Anon Guest

It was, indeed, a dark and stormy night. The wind howled so loudly that it

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Challenge #04097-K079: Help in All Forms

Several humans, in their early teens, had been Master Twii's students. Having graduated from Twii's classes as they entered their late 20's, now went to a Gyiik temple. Their goal? To learn to cook as well as the Gyiiks and the portions they cooked. These humans wanted to start an all-around service where not only did they physically protect others, but also made sure no one ever went hungry. -- Anon Guest

There's one advantage that Gyiik's have as Heavyworlders[1] inside

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Challenge #04081-K063: Willowfine, Poppy, and a Sharp Knife

They called the traveling Hellkin, "teuf'al", and the kobald a col'by. They were not trying to be rude, but, sadly, illness had made speech slushy. So while it sounded like insult slurs, it was, in fact, an unfortunate speech impediment. They hoped people would understand. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed a couple of words in the prompt to make it align better with my fantasy world]

In a world where certain people are unwelcome, it's natural that they find a way to

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Challenge #04078-K060: Lost and Found

Wraithvine nearly reprimands a group being helped by a person who's thin, exhausted, and still working hard. Until they realize that the group's been trying to get the person to stop, too.

"But... I like helping people, it makes me feel as if I'm worth something, it makes me happy, that I have value."

"But you DO have value, to all of us, here."

"No... really... I don't."

--Sigh-- --Anon Guest

It was an easy mistake to make. From a distance, it

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Challenge #04066-K048: The Illogical Solution

CEO -- "Why do you not have any guns??"

"We don't need them."

CEO -- "How do you stop criminals??"

"We have special firearms that shoot out discs that latch onto the body and cause > the person to faint, safely, no matter the species. This way no one gets hurt and we can capture the prisoner unharmed."

CEO aghast "That's so... SOFT! They'll re-offend!"

"Not often, not once we're done with them." -- Anon Guest

CEO's touring Alliance facilities always have culture

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Challenge #04040-K022: With Great Gratitude

A village got together to make a gift package for Wraithvine and friends. New ever-lasting boots that would be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, new clothing again, warm in winter, cool in summer, and bags of holding enchanted to not only hold.. ... well a lot, but also so foodstuffs could never spoil while within, and drinks could never spill while within. -- The New Guy

The thing about immortality is, even when something is made to last for centuries, those

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Challenge #04033-K015: Kindness Grows

They leave gifts for the Faekindred kind known as Brauniin. Small desserts, bottles of fruit juice, honey cakes, etc. Why? Because these kind faerie were there for them, and stopped them from hurting themselves when they were at their deepest despair, and helped them recover. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Might be reference to this: ]

It began with a loaf of bread. A baker took pity on Trash and pressed a small loaf into the young Hellkin's

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Challenge #04008-J356: A Lesson in Trust

A terrified child holds Gikka at knife point, their voice shaking, yet their hands are strong as they look at the wizard and the cat and asks... "Why should I trust you? Ones like you kill ones like me all the time. I have no one, but I still don't want to die." -- Anon Guest

Half of the kid's camouflage was filth. The other half was a mottling of hues. If they were in a city, the people would have dismissed

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Challenge #03999-J347: From Little Things

"I'm nothing."

"Incorrect - you are a seed."

"I'm worthless."

"You are helping many people."

"Why are you giving me this acorn?"

"This is you, and your very, very long life. Plant it in fertile soil, and come back in 20 standard years. Keep helping people as you are, and you will see your answer."

"I don't understand."

"You will, I promise." -- Anon Guest

Ive didn't understand, but did as ze was told. Planting the gifted acorn as directed in the

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Challenge #03993-J341: The War on Plague

The entire city is on lockdown. The spotted sickness has come. They were calling to all who were willing, please help. -- Anon Guest

The disease was a terror. The young could survive it, true, but if they were too young, it could kill them. Similarly, if they were too old, it could also killed. Those lucky to survive could be scarred for life. Rendered blind, deaf, or pock-marked from their encounter. Some were turned simple from the fever. Some were impaired

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Challenge #03984-J332: Early Access

A young mage just learning her magic makes a set of lovely gifts for Wraithvine, Gikka, Lilbit, and their traveling companions. What are they? A special bracelet, or for Lilbit a collar, that scares away all biting insects, fleas, mites, and other such vermin. A great thing for traveling near waterways in warm months when the mosquitoes were getting bad. -- Anon Guest

"It's not much, but it's the best I can do in gratitude," they young mage presented a set of

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Challenge #03964-J312: Stumbling First Step

A human noble family is holding a big birthday party for all the children of the unwanted peoples. They don't know the actual dates of the birthdays, so twice a year, they hold a celebration for all of them. Because these children are innocents, and the innocent should be celebrated, not mistreated. They ask Wraithvine to please come to help set up entertainments for the party. -- Anon Guest

You are cordially invited, said the ornate script, to the celebrations of the

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