Challenge #04108-K090: Go Forth in All Your Beliefs

While Wraithvine and hir companions are guests at a noble's mansion, the noble's mate asks if they will watch the children for an hour. Why there? There'd been a major out-wash of several roads, and they had kindly invited all travelers to stay in their mansion until it was fixed. They were ones that fully believed the gods blessed those who showed true kindness. -- Anon Guest

It was, indeed, a dark and stormy night. The wind howled so loudly that it was nigh impossible to hear oneself think. Even the rain rattled the shutters. Through gestures and simple pantomime, the lady of the house directed Wraithvine and Temperance into a large parlour where a fire was already burning strong. There, several children were huddled in a pillow fort.

Several children, three dogs, and one elderly microdragon.

Now one immortal Wizard and hir current traveling companion. Who happened to be a deep indigo Hellkin with curlicue horns and opalescent hooves. Their job was clear. Watch and soothe the children.

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