Saturday, Parkrun and Health Updates

I did well on the parkrun, but my feet hate me and my knees aren't happy, either. We shared lunch, I finished another chapter [401 and counting] and got to see my poor suffering Beloved.

When I heard that they were putting pins in her arm to keep it all together during the healing process, I imagined at most a couple per bone piece, all anchored in the plate that keeps everything in line.

What she got was half an Ikea's worth of scary long screws practically all the way through her bones along every inch. Her X-rays look frightening as hell.

She's currently drowsing her way past getting all her healing done. Good painkillers are her best friend right now. Maybe next week, she'll start feeling better about her place in the world.

I'll get on with my offerings very soon to now. I might even get one of my side-projects out of the way.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to commence bread. That'll happen after the TTRPG sesh.

I don't need four hour's nap after the sesh, but using nap time for incubation will help with the overall process.

Onwards to my offerings.