Challenge #04081-K063: Willowfine, Poppy, and a Sharp Knife

They called the traveling Hellkin, "teuf'al", and the kobald a col'by. They were not trying to be rude, but, sadly, illness had made speech slushy. So while it sounded like insult slurs, it was, in fact, an unfortunate speech impediment. They hoped people would understand. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed a couple of words in the prompt to make it align better with my fantasy world]

In a world where certain people are unwelcome, it's natural that they find a way to live while moving. Travelling attractions often have clusters of them. Merchants often have one or two, strictly for curiosity's sake.

These two were travelling apothecaries, selling potions, simples, and remedies on request. Most of their wagon was ingredient storage. One side advertised that it possessed the world's smallest Dragon. That was a Kobold who happened to have wings. The one driving the cart was not instantly recognisable as a Hellkin until an observer got closer to him.

"Pofficary," said the farmer they were passing. They limped noticably as they hurried towards their post fence. "Pofficary... need s'm help. No coin... but I got... schtuff."

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