Unwelcome People

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Challenge #04204-K186: Not Like Other Rogues

I was born looking human in a community of those most call Unwanted. They treated me kindly and rarely mistreated me for my appearance. Save for a few with grudges who learned quickly it was wrong. So why do so many who look like me treat them so badly just because of how they look? -- Anon Guest

I grew up in ShadowCluster. A tumbledown community wedged into the crevice of Halgal Cliffs, the edifice that gave the city Myncloch its name. The crevice was too unstable to mine, but fully stable enough to shelter Myncloch's ghetto. Here there be Unwelcome People. People who are criminals just by existing.

I was six years old before I saw the sunshine without my mother hovering nearby. By then, I was old enough to wear the artificial horns and the mock tail that made me look like all the other Hellkin in ShadowCluster. I, like many Hellkin, learned to run home fast if I saw the City Watch.

I was eight when I learned I wasn't a Hellkin.

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Challenge #04191-K173: One Good Turn...

They helped the poor farmer who, after a time, made a mostly full recovery. In addition to giving them the rock that nearly killed him, he made very sure everyone knew these two were life-savers. He might be poor, but he was well liked by those around that area.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-04081-k063-willowfine-poppy-and-a-sharp-knife -- The New Guy

The operation took most of a day, careful work, and specialised tools to extract the starmetal fragments from Farmer Ansley's head, and all

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Challenge #04150-K132: Blame the Bully

A kind individual helps a younger individual learn that the bullying and mistreatment they've suffered is NOT their fault, they didn't do anything wrong. The ones who were in the wrong were their bullies. -- Anon Guest

"Devilborn! Devil-bred! Go and cry and wet your bed!"

There were worse things the children of the town could be doing to him than their daily chant. They could throw anything, including punches and hard objects. Or soft objects.

If he was fast enough. Wily

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Challenge #04128-K110: Unwelcome in More Places

Several humans from a larger nearby polity, learning of the city of Middenden, try to go and subjugate it. It's filled with "filthy monsters" after all and "devils". Their heavily armed soldiers, and their leaders, quickly learn these beings are not weak, and are tired of being treated like this, they deserve respect too, damnit!

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03642-i354-unwelcomed-experiences -- Lessons

The real problem with People of Import is that they have a great influence on everyone who knows them.

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Challenge #04121-K103: What You Give...

A cruel lord tries to make the temple of helping hands illegal. They come to regret it and repent. -- Anon Guest

"Encouraging vagrancy and generating an atmosphere of listlessness," Pastor Tolerance read the highlights of the notice in her hands. "Sheltering the criminal element... if the building remains, I'll be arrested for masquerading as a woman of the cloth?" She passed it to Bathild, the Priest of Freja.

They had to don their reading glasses to examine the myopic script. "Charity

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Challenge #04081-K063: Willowfine, Poppy, and a Sharp Knife

They called the traveling Hellkin, "teuf'al", and the kobald a col'by. They were not trying to be rude, but, sadly, illness had made speech slushy. So while it sounded like insult slurs, it was, in fact, an unfortunate speech impediment. They hoped people would understand. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed a couple of words in the prompt to make it align better with my fantasy world]

In a world where certain people are unwelcome, it's natural that they find a way to

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Challenge #03743-J090: Essential Education

The unwanted, the hidden, less.... liked.. species, had a place. Here their children learned self-defense. Self-esteem. How to care for themselves, and for others. How to undo traps, and avoid harm. And most of all, learned there were those out there that truly cared, no matter what species they were. -- DaniAndShali

Over a stretch of cursed ground that birth monsters and host phantoms, inside a mountain that howls whenever the wind blows, beneath a crevice lit only by rare and dangerous

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Challenge #03642-I354: Unwelcomed Experiences

This was a city nearly completely without humans, though all other races, especially the so-called "unwanted" and "unappreciated" ones lived in peace. When humans came, they were often met with suspicion at the gate. After all, many of those who dwelled within had once dealt with... "human hospitality" the hard way before they made it here. -- Anon Guest

They called it Middenden as a joke, and the name stuck. Those who made it were, after all, those thrown out by the

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