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Challenge #03642-I354: Unwelcomed Experiences

This was a city nearly completely without humans, though all other races, especially the so-called "unwanted" and "unappreciated" ones lived in peace. When humans came, they were often met with suspicion at the gate. After all, many of those who dwelled within had once dealt with... "human hospitality" the hard way before they made it here. -- Anon Guest

They called it Middenden as a joke, and the name stuck. Those who made it were, after all, those thrown out by the dominant society. Hellkin, Bugbears, halfbreds of all kinds. The ones ground down by those currently in power.

Many fine things start with grinding something down to powder, and then mixing it with other things.

Humanity held sway over the world, and it looked down at almost every other species. Often whilst they also spawned halfbreds with those other species. Though Humans were the first ones to invoke deals with both devils and angels, they cast out the devilborn and the hallow-blooded alike.

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Challenge #02868-G311: To Change the World

The life of tieflings and kobolds has never been an easy ones. Discriminated against, trodden upon, mistreated practically from the day they are born, it is not unusual, though heartbreakingly cruel that it is, to find an infant of one of those races either deceased or weak, thrown upon midden piles or abandoned in the forests. But that was to change. At least a little.

A new village was starting to form. The alone, the abandoned, the lost, all gathered here. Tieflings,

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