Challenge #02868-G311: To Change the World

The life of tieflings and kobolds has never been an easy ones. Discriminated against, trodden upon, mistreated practically from the day they are born, it is not unusual, though heartbreakingly cruel that it is, to find an infant of one of those races either deceased or weak, thrown upon midden piles or abandoned in the forests. But that was to change. At least a little.

A new village was starting to form. The alone, the abandoned, the lost, all gathered here. Tieflings, kobolds, and other beings that society seemed to think were "trash" were finding a place here. A home here, lives where they could be accepted, by each other if no one else. The rules were simple here. Cruelty simply due to one's species was forbidden. And each citizen had a voice. And in the center of town, a special orphanage, where children who were found abandoned, no matter how young or old, were brought to be raised and cared for. There was a reason the village was named New Hope. -- Tiefling

All that is needed to change the world is one pair of kind hands, -- Common Saying of the Unwanted.

Once upon a time, a pair of kind hands scooped an unwanted baby from a midden. The child that prospered from the care of those kind hands took up more abandoned children. Left in the woods to wander. Left on a midden heap with the garbage. Left on the streets to survive. The half-breeds, the Kobolds rejected from their nests or who had lost it all and gone half-mad for want of a pack. The monstrous who were left alone. Among them, the most unwanted of them all, the Tieflings.

For the first handful of decades, things were rough. Of course they were. The lost, abandoned, and forsaken banded together with what little they had, and eked out an existence as best they could. It was rough, but those who lived there did not expect anything less. They barely hoped for anything more.

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