Challenge #03743-J090: Essential Education

The unwanted, the hidden, less.... liked.. species, had a place. Here their children learned self-defense. Self-esteem. How to care for themselves, and for others. How to undo traps, and avoid harm. And most of all, learned there were those out there that truly cared, no matter what species they were. -- DaniAndShali

Over a stretch of cursed ground that birth monsters and host phantoms, inside a mountain that howls whenever the wind blows, beneath a crevice lit only by rare and dangerous crystals, there is a special place of refuge.

They call it Undermount when they call it anything at all. It is where the Unwelcome come to be safe from those who would persecute them. Over untold centuries, it has been host to Dragons, Elves, Hellkin, Ogres, Trolls, Kobolds, Gobelliin, and even Orcs. It is the place to be safe when the world is out to get you.

Many hearing this would imagine it as a place of darkness and shadows, where anyone would murder anyone else for looking at them the wrong way. Many are dead wrong. Once on the inside of the austere, well-defended walls, it is a place of light and beauty. An artificial sun shines in an illusory sky. Plants once believed extinct grow in abundant gardens. Creatures that are rare anywhere else tend to gather here. Here, also, there is a school. The school named Hardnox.

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