Sunday, Changes of PLNs and Growing Alarm

Beloved is going to be arriving here sometime RSN, What's happened is the following:

  • Coffee machine not coffee-ing
  • Investigations into how to set up my IndiWeb and move OFF of Wordpress... are putting me back into the jaws of AI scrapers
  • OR relentlessly complicated to the point where I'm scared to start
  • I really need some hand-holding or maybe change my plans to moving to movable type
  • Which also looks firkin complicated at first blush
  • AND I haven't scoped it out for suspicious corners

I MIGHT have to move all my Wordpress stuff to a side-corner of my hub site and do literally everything to keep the firkin bots off of THERE.

I fucking hate AI techbros stealing shit. Even if my shit is so obscure and esoteric that nobody in their right mind would WANT it... I still don't want to think about it being stolen. I worked hard on my esoteric obscure and weird stories, dangit.

I don't want my hard work turning into grist for some lazy techbro's 'blob' mill.

My only other alternative is to remove everything I've written from the interwebs until AI writing either implodes from its own blobs, or succeeds me out of the one thing I've loved doing my entire life.

It'll never be a tool for making my writing easier.

It'll be a tool for making my writing nonexistent. Meanwhile "ideas" people will be using it to churn out 'blob' and patting themselves on the back for being so clever.

I'm hoping for the implosion to happen, honestly. For the bubble to pop and generative AI to never be thought of again.

But enough about that.

I need to focus on my offerings without coffee today.

...mumbling and muttering all the time.