Challenge #04080-K062: A Deal Borne From Deception

Magic used to make themselves look elven, the clothes, the hat, the smile. Traveling alone, they used their magic to aid others to the best of their ability, sometimes to their own detriment. They claimed to be Wraithvine, though they were not. But their only desire was to save lives, bring smiles, and ensure the innocent were well cared for. Then... they met the real Wraithvine themselves... -- Anon Guest

Another town. Another cluster of needs. Another group of excited children who'd grown up on Wraithvine stories. Another set of problems that needed a wandering mage to solve. Maybe magic and a series of creative solutions to unusual problems.

A little invention could cover the gaps between herself and what the real Wraithvine was capable of.

The patchwork hat helped her out a great deal. It had a magic within to disguise the wearer to look however they wanted. And she... always chose to look like Wraithvine. Hair short so that nobody could ask for charms. Her hair was certainly not Elven hair. Not even close. Almost the opposite, actually.

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