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Challenge #03635-I347: Offered Cup of Kindness

They were demon-born, filled with hate and rage. They gained an army of demon-borns, and conquered a land. All of them fueled with the same rage borne from years of mistreatment, betrayal, and cruelty. Can the gentle act of a small handful of humans, and others, soothe these darkened hearts back into the light before it's too late? -- The New Guy

When all you have ever known is hate, it is easy to feel it overtake you. In the grand city of Skymire, like all grand cities, there's a ghetto of the most unwelcome peoples.

The polite word for them is Hellkin. Few use it. There are a great many more impolite words for them.

Devilborn, demons, Teuf. It didn't matter. One had had enough. He eventually chose the name Esteem, but in the gutters of the ghetto known as Imp Dis, he was yet another orphan with not enough to eat and a raging anger.

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