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Challenge #03886-J234: A Joke Too Far

An adorable little fae-dragon is quite the trickster. Imagine how much fun it is to drop glowing little rainbow scales down the back of people's shirts and be able to flit away and giggle. -- Anon Guest

Nanogh, otherwise known as the Plane of Magic, is home to many strange creatures. Sometimes, it takes things literally. Like dragonflies. Or rather, Fly-Dragons. In the primary mortal plane, intelligent Dragonkind gets no smaller than Kobolds. The smallest of Dragonkind in the mortal plane is the Microdragon, a Dragon the size and demeanor of a housecat.

In Nanogh, the smallest Dragon is the Fly-Dragon. An incongruously intelligent Dragon measuring no longer than the length of an adult human hand from the base of the palm to the tip of their longest finger[1]. Natural philosophers have determined two things: they are the results of convergent evolution, and they are bloody annoying.

Naturalist Wisdom Tavon sighed as they doffed their shirt to shake out the tiny scales from therein. They tuned out the giggling from the surrounding foliage[2]. There was already a sizable amount of the stuff in their sample containers. It had long since passed from fascination to annoyance.

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