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Challenge #04149-K131: Judge Not - or Else!

The new young Watch member gets a sharp lesson in judging others. An apology is to be made first, and then they must learn to observe others, and get to know them, before making judgement calls. It's a rather... interesting piece of disciplinary action. -- Anon Guest

Officer Pembroke was learning, almost against his will. He had already learned that short-haired Elves aren't necessarily criminals. He'd very recently learned that the Halfbred Harukh walking around with sacks in the early-early morning was the town's baker.

He was about to learn some more about his previous assumptions.

The Hellkin woman came alongside a small brace of Adventurers, all bright colours in bardic motley, dancing as she sang. The song was fit for public consumption if one didn't know what innuendo was, and the bright ribbons in her indigo hair or on her tail was distraction enough to make the rest of them suspicious.

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Challenge #04042-K024: What's on Offer

As the crowd gathered, one very wealthy - looking one ran forward, grabbed the hellkin swiftly and slapped him on the back of the head. "Dammmit Skip, I told you not to go out without me, you're supposed to carry my medicines!"

A whisper in the ear soon followed of... "follow me, my friend, I'll get you safely out of here, just play along."

Then to the crowd the wealthy one shouted coldly. "Don't worry, you won't see my servant without escort

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Challenge #03953-J301: Not About Winning or Losing

A: There’s a story behind every law.

B: Is that’s the reason why this place has a book of rules?

A: Honestly I’m surprised they haven’t banned me yet -- Anon Guest

"Oh come on," sighed Lali. "It can't be that bad. This is a little town. There can't be that many rules just because you're in it."

The Hellkin student of Hidden Cloud Landscaping and Boarding School, known only as 'K', smirked in a very knowing way.

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Challenge #03736-J083: Hateful Consequences

A magic user abuses their gifts. They are young and acting stupidly. They are taught a harsh lesson in being responsible for their own actions. -- Anon Guest

The thing with being inherently magical is that one can cause a lot of trouble with simple mageworks. The ability to conjure sounds, surface-level illusions, or small and temporary objects creates a great deal of opportunities.

Many opportunities to do good. Or many opportunities to create mischief.

Sanborn had taken a misliking to the

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Challenge #03721-J068: Uncertain Failure Point

A Deregger world decides that literacy is the ultimate in keeping the populace in their place. Those that struggle to learn to read are segregated and given the WORST, most dangerous, the most horrific, jobs in the entire world. The CEO's learn quickly an educated population doesn't like being treated that way. The CEO's learn their own lessons, too late. The CRC, thinks teaching the populace to read was a FANTASTIC idea! -- DaniAndShali

Teach them to read so the CRC stays

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Challenge #03635-I347: Offered Cup of Kindness

They were demon-born, filled with hate and rage. They gained an army of demon-borns, and conquered a land. All of them fueled with the same rage borne from years of mistreatment, betrayal, and cruelty. Can the gentle act of a small handful of humans, and others, soothe these darkened hearts back into the light before it's too late? -- The New Guy

When all you have ever known is hate, it is easy to feel it overtake you. In the grand city

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Challenge #03179-H270: I Didn't Know it Was You

A young wizard meets up with an older, immortal, wizard and their companions and asks to join their encampment for the evening. The young wizard is a traveling bard with an easy smile and a gentle good humor. The young wizard looks down upon their new friends, for they are a fully grown bugbear, and smiles at the even younger bugbear that travels with the older wizard and begins to tell stories of travel and adventure, and offers to share an evening

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Challenge #03068-H145: A Case of the Colliwobbles

My tummy hurts. -- Anon Guest

Become nurse to a crown child, they said. It'll be easy, they said. Just leave them to play for a few hours, keep them clean, and make certain they eat. When they reach a certain age, teach them to read. The rest of your time is leisure and comfort, they said. 'They' had not reckoned with the Earldom of Whitekeep and the curse on the crown family line. That curse was embodied in the current heir

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Challenge #02333-F143: This is How a Heart Breaks Back

Human teenagers had terrible lives in their intergalaxy school. When humans joined to Galaxy Alliance they're started to sending their children to schools on other planets. Well... Teenagers have been harassing and bullying without any kind of defence because "humans will always be barbarians and if they do something to someone is abuse and they should be held in cages like animals". One time some Havenworlder starts to offend [name]. He choose wrong person. This was last time that anyone tried to

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Challenge #01420-C325: Intolerance Turns

"I'm not stupid, I'm not expendable, and I'm not going." Originally Kerr Avon Blake's 7. Write your own. -- Knitnan

She expected resistance. She expected hostility. Even in the face of clear and present adversity. What she hadn't expected was absolute and raw hostility.

"Mr President, I'm here to help you."

He made words come out of that ugly sneer on his face. "Go back to Iraq, you filthy Muslim! What the hell are you doing out of the seraglio anyway?"


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Challenge #01417-C322: Contentious Neighbour

Vuvuzelas aka stadium horns plus a group of children ages 5 to 8. -- Anon Guest

The big house in the neighbourhood had finally sold. Not to a dot-com temporary millionaire or some other fancy individual, but to a business of sorts. A foster home.

Biff didn't like it. As their immediate neighbour, he got to see a lot of what was going on over the maximum-legal-tall fence. And he was offended by most of it.

Hardly any of the kids had

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This is ginger nuts! Natural redhead banned from school for having hair that's too bright

This is ginger nuts! Natural redhead banned from school for having hair that's too bright


What kind of fuckery is this?

I guess red hair isn’t natural. For some reason.

I call for all gingers to swarm that school and keep asking all the staff about why their hair is unnatural.

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What? Me Racist?

All my life [that’s 39 years and counting] I have used the word “piker” to mean “someone mean with money”. Usually in the following situation:

::self finds 5 cent coin::
“Wealth beyond the dreams of Avarice!” (beat) “Avarice was a piker.”

It’s a routine I inherited from my parents and it used to be a bit of harmless fun. Something funny to say.

I have since learned via an internet

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