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Challenge #03512-I224: Walk a Mile

A being that HATES tieflings, and goes out of their way to hurt them, ends up in a temple. The magi (the cleric who is the scion of the god of that temple) sees the being harm a tiefling child, one of the many orphans there. And does the one thing that, to the hateful person, is the ultimate nightmare. The person wakes up having the form of the being they hate most. -- Anon Guest

Beware the hand of Justice. It strikes those who think they do not deserve it. Brook Stronginthearm did not think she deserved justice, but she got it anyway. With both edges honed to a deadly sharpness.

She first learned about it in the gutters of Distanbu[1]. Waking up with a splitting headache and a member of the City Watch locking shackles on her wrists. Didn't they know who she was? She rallied, ready to fight, with an indignant, "You dare lay your hands on me?"

She got a stun-wand to the face, and woke up in even more pain in a warded cell. The lit runes eliminated all use of magic, and even dulled physical strength or dexterity. A bored Watchman noticed her and smirked. "Don't try anything, devilborn. You're under a full investigation before you hang."

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Challenge #03401-I113: Sudden Onset Godliness

Everyone assumes once you gain enough power to be considered one of the Gods, you become omnipotent and know everything. But you don't. Almost none of us have such a thing. We have power, true, but we still have our hearts. -- Lessons

Deification is one hell of a drug. Do something that the world remembers, and your name and soul become immortal. Do something truly awesome, and you become worshipped. Which is something of a shock when you started life as

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Challenge #03399-I111: Pulled Out a Plum

If saving you is a sin I’ll gladly become a sinner -- Anon Guest

The crying infant had roused him from his bed, and when he saw what was crying, he almost thought it a mercy to smother the newborn beast. As a cleric of the Divine Light, that was close to heresy. Except for what lay on the town's midden.

Skin the colour of a ripe plum, a lashing tail with a spaded tip. The kicking legs had cloven hooves

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Challenge #03392-I104: A Quiet Evening in the Castle

It's a rainy, stormy, night, the wind is blowing, the fireplace is crackling, and the rain is drumming on the roof. They relax in the home with a cup of coffee, lean back, pet the furry animal sleeping peacefully at their side, and pick up their book to read. -- Anon Guest

Home is where, Da often said, you get to be yourself. Benevolence Bastion Felbourne Whitekeep (first of the name) had never understood it. According to Mama, Da had used to

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Challenge #03381-I093: The Lucky Ones

Please forgive my siblings, they mean no offense, honest. We're all just... really scared. -- Anon Guest

Fear does interesting things. Some cry, some freeze; some, like the small child repeatedly trying to kick his leg, attacked. The repetitive ding, ding, ding of small wooden clogs against featherstar plate[1] indicated that this particular toddler was going to protect their family or go down trying.

A reasonable reaction for a small family of Tieflings when encountering a paladin.

Sir Gard of Brightshield

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Challenge #03372-I084: Taking Out the Garbage

We have something that makes the day brighten up a bit. It's often some small thing that makes you smile. -- Nonny the Mouse

Even naturally miserable people smile. It's a wonderment when it happens, and many people taunt them about it. Therefore making the smiles even rarer. Kosh had made note of this and chose to defeat it by wearing his smile all the time. An expression all the more intimidating for the fact that all of his teeth were pointed.

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Challenge #03336-I048: You've Been Mothered

More of Kevin's Mum and company, please. -- Anon Guest

Many Tieflings name themselves for what they want out of the world. As a starving child, he had named himself Abundance. It was what he valued most, and attained least. It was the change he wanted to write onto the world, and why he went following after a Druid to learn their ways. A little mistletoe can work wonders, perhaps miracles.

Abundance wanted that miracle now, subtly and not-so-subtly healing his leg

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Challenge #03266-H357: My World is Spring With You

Waking world you seem woven from the stuff of dreams, all shall fade away

Shifting seasons and elusive dreams, the ephemeral and fleeting, with thine companionship all are eternal. -- Anon Guest

Before anyone named him Kosh, he had never had a sound night's sleep. It had been a point of contention amongst his alleged caregivers as a child. Nobody wanted to believe that demon-kin like himself could have nightmares. Nobody could believe he would be disturbed by them so much that

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Challenge #03253-H344: The Big Day

Ok, ok, wedding please? Pretty please? With candy canes and sugar cakes on top?? I SO want to see the upper crust going into conniptions knowing that these young men rule over them and they can't do a damn thing except accept the wedding! And oh how the families will be so happy seeing their daughters married off to such wonderful prospects! :-)

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03175-h266-a-universal-strength-check -- DaniAndShali

It had been a long, long time since a reigning Duke

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Challenge #03175-H266: A Universal Strength Check

"""" *Standing a pace behind her, perhaps trying to glitter a little too much, was another Tiefling. She wore saffron and wore it well against skin so dark a blue it was almost black. She had her hair net bedecked with little gemstone flowers and her eyes... Her eyes were a softly-shining emerald green.

He was dumbstruck and staring as Mrs Aarincourt introduced Radiance Juniper Daffodil Palmire.

"Breathe," suggested Mrs Aarincourt, just as Jubilation was viewing Radiance through a greying tunnel.

He did,

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Challenge #03174-H265: Complicated Family Dynamic

InterNutter? What happened to their younger brother? The twins Marrimine? He was likely still a small child when they went and killed their cruel, abusive, tyrant of a father, did they take care of them in their home, or did they hand him off to a nursemaid and send him away? They seemed like very kind young men despite their cruel parent. And what happened to their mother? Did she get to keep her youngest son?


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Challenge #03162-H253: A Devil of a Day

There was a school, a special school, one meant primarily for nobles and families of royal blood, though other students were able to earn their way in through hard work. It was surrounded by an imposing, but decorative, wall and large, wrought-iron gates with a massive crest emblazoned. Inside the gated place was a massive school with comfortable dorms, a huge series of gardens and forested areas, it was a school almost larger than a full-sized palace. But there was a difference

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Challenge #03156-H247: Panic Quieter

Doesn’t matter in a fight how much you planned, how extensive your process, how minute the details. The moment you get punch in the face, everything goes disarray -- Anon Guest

The heat of battle is no place to be taking notes. He never got out of the student mentality of learning while doing. It was an interesting mental trick, to keep up the fight and evolve strategy at the same time.

Note to self, he thought as he covered his

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Challenge #03146-H237: Do Not Eat Your Heart Out


That is the only way to rebel against the cruel world!

My soldiers, rage!

My soldiers, scream!


Horseshit, thought Kosh, listening to this maniac leading the band of irregulars. He had only joined them because he and they were traveling in the same direction. Safety in numbers, and he was especially fragile following his great shame. Poisoned while under the care of the Master. It may have been better if he'd died.


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Challenge #03132-H223: The Temple of Love

They were a large temple with many followers, Humans, Elven, Dwarves, Faerie, etc.. They carefully watered the blooming cherry trees and tended the gardens, and they were seen always aiding others with food and medical aid. And, oddly enough, the temple was very wealthy. But then again it should not be so odd. For the women of the temple, for all every single one of them was of immense beauty, refused all suitors unless that suitor was a Tiefling. The men of

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