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Sunday, Twofer

I have done Game Night, I have done the Twofer stream. TaleFoundry cancelled because the host has Lurgi. Toasty has cancelled because a need to be kind to themself.

So I have most of Sunday free so I can take a napnap before PathFinder with the rainbow crew. Maybe.

I know what happens when I say I have the rest of the day free. Something comes to EAT that time. So I'm not saying it.

I have nothing further planned than fuckin' around.

So let's get those stories preserved and posted. Yay.

Saturday, Plague Day 26, day of rest?

Game night tomorrow night and I have no idea what's happening. D&D with Discord tonight is a hard MAYBE depending entirely on whoever wants to turn up for the game.


I can still say that I have never played a D&D campaign from Session 0 to level 20 and a good end. Blargh. At least I have a book compelling me to write so that is something.

The weather is dingy and miserable this morning so I

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Challenge #03392-I104: A Quiet Evening in the Castle

It's a rainy, stormy, night, the wind is blowing, the fireplace is crackling, and the rain is drumming on the roof. They relax in the home with a cup of coffee, lean back, pet the furry animal sleeping peacefully at their side, and pick up their book to read. -- Anon Guest

Home is where, Da often said, you get to be yourself. Benevolence Bastion Felbourne Whitekeep (first of the name) had never understood it. According to Mama, Da had used to

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Challenge #01839-E015: A Grand Day Off

Shoes off, comfy clothes, and good read. No phones, no Internet connection, a little bit of Heaven, and Room Service thrown in. Best Break Ever! -- Knitnan

Sometimes, you just need to get away. And sometimes, the problem with going anywhere is that the things you want to get away from tend to follow you around. And today, Ana needed to get away from the entire world.

To that end, she had carefully arranged this day. A new book. A collection of

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Another lovely slow day

It's half-past ten, and I am still in my pyjamas. I have yet to have breakfast and a majority of my morning has been taken up with snuggling and Factorio and it has been GLORIOUS.

Heck, I just spent half an hour fine-tuning some mining and refining set-ups.

Later on, I shall be cutting, scoring, and piercing all the purple-on-white earring cards for my anticipated ventures. Then I shall have just enough cards for all the earrings I can make with all

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an unquiet mind: A big post of relaxation stuff

an unquiet mind: A big post of relaxation stuff


Stretches you can do at a computer

More stretches you can do (video)

Yoga stretches for anxiety

Basic Yoga sun salutation

Tips for Self-Massage

Self-Massage Guide

Qui Gong Self Massage


Self-Care Guides

Many worksheets to help you - here are…

Reblogging for the people I know who need this. [You know who you are, now follow the link!] and for everyone I don’t know who needs this.


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