Another lovely slow day

It's half-past ten, and I am still in my pyjamas. I have yet to have breakfast and a majority of my morning has been taken up with snuggling and Factorio and it has been GLORIOUS.

Heck, I just spent half an hour fine-tuning some mining and refining set-ups.

Later on, I shall be cutting, scoring, and piercing all the purple-on-white earring cards for my anticipated ventures. Then I shall have just enough cards for all the earrings I can make with all the findings that I have. Yay.

By the time I've made one hundred pairs of earrings, I shall know if this venture is a go or a flop. And I might have an idea or two about what's popular.

And also by that time, one or more of my books should be in print. Maybe. Maybe the earrings will be more popular than my writing. Time will tell. According to one of my Betas, one of my books is guaranteed to offend "everyone" [aka: the mainstream audience]. According to the reviews, another one is 'tired' and 'boring'.

Time will tell. I trust in providence. And I also hope that a lot of people don't read the bad reviews I'm getting.

Meh. Today and tomorrow are Slob Days. I shall not concern myself with that kind of nonse until such time as it actually becomes relevant.