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Challenge #03912-J260: Games That Neophytes Play

A giggling toddler swipes Wraithvine's hat when it was set on the ground. They run around camp trying to wear it and, well, be a typical silly, happy, toddler. -- Anon Guest

Certain happenstances are universal. If you have a less-than ordinary accessory and put it down, the nearest toddler is going to steal it for laughs. Cane? A toddler is going to take it and run away laughing. Cloak? The toddler is going to become the campsite blanket monster. Funny hat? Guess what...

Wraithvine didn't even have time to take out hir comb before the smallest child capable of grabbing and running took the hat and immediately took off.

Ze'd been through this sort of thing too many times to be concerned. Ze kept combing and rebraiding hir hair as assorted adults attempted to catch the miniscule criminal. The tiny terror was having the absolute time of their life, running where no grownups could go, laughing all the way, and otherwise playing with the hat.

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Challenge #03911-J259: An Interesting Question

A curious merchant asks Wraithvine and friends as they have joined the merchant caravan to the next town. "I know elves float and meditate instead of actual sleep as we know it, but what of elven infants, do they do the same?" -- Anon Guest

"That is a question I do not often face," said Wraithvine. "Most ask if the world is truly flat for us or whether we can actually drink wine and survive. Ignorant things. So thank you for a

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Challenge #03907-J255: The Weight of a Conscience

A prisoner, not condemned to death, but rather to years of hard labor for the killings they committed, met Wraithvine while on their knees in exhaustion. With pain-filled eyes they asked the ancient one, "You ever feel pain for all the deaths you've brought by your hands?" -- Lessons

Wraithvine did not immediately answer the question. Ze made sure Hurgnath the Bloody Butcher had water and shade before ze asked, "Why did you kill people?"

"I never said I killed anyone," said

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Challenge #03900-J248: Long, Long Memory

Sitting in a cavern waiting for a heavy rainstorm to pass so the large group can keep traveling, a child turns to Wraithvine and asks, politely, "what was your ma and pa like?" -- Fighting Fit

Wraithvine stared, not at the cavern wall, not at anyone here and how. Ze stared into centuries long forgotten and unnumbered. Back into the Age of Dragons and the Age of Gods, when the Elves were yet another scrappy little species trying their best just to

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Challenge #03869-J217: Enlightened Self-Interest

Even elves can catch a cold. Wraithvine comes down with a bad case of the sniffles. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hits different now that I'm in the process of fighting one of them off]

One of the undeniable rules of the world is thus: Elves do not sleep. Well. The adult ones do not. As an Elf grows to physical maturity, they learn and adapt to a discipline of meditation that puts them into a peaceful reverie. It connects them to

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Challenge #03864-J212: To Cease Evil

A mummer kept a slave, beaten and terrified, in their tower. The slave thought this mummer was actually Wraithvine, for they did not know better. The mummer, outside the tower, was completely different from inside. Then the real Wraithvine heard weeping in the tower. -- Anon Guest

Would you choose to suffer for the betterment of the world? Would you sacrifice for people you've never met? Would you surrender comfort? Would you surrender warmth? Would you endure as much as you could

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Challenge #03846-J194: Sharp Choice

A being tries to tempt Wraithvine with a special wish, a test. Their ultimate dream would come true. But is the cost of an innocent soul worth it? -- Anon Guest

Immortals are truly hard to tempt, especially if they've been at it long enough. The wants of mortality fade away as time renders them irrelevant.

Mortals die. Oceans rise. Empires fall. Change occurs and little can stop it. Wants fade away as beauty can be found anywhere, friendship is temporary, and

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Challenge #03816-J164: Troublesome Oaths

During the day, they quietly shadowed Wraithvine's party where-ever the group went, the desire was only to protect them. During the night, they stayed up all night, guarding against any potential dangers. But it was not long before they collapsed from exhaustion. Sometimes, a person could care too much. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine found Gruhaag on the second night. It wasn't as if she was trying to hide. Then again, it's difficult for a Bugbear to hide in most places when they

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Challenge #03804-J152: Up For the Challenge?

Some giggling individuals who've eaten them plenty of times before, challenges Wraithvine to the equivalent of the Deathnut challenge. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I thought this was a thing I wrote about for a hot minute. You can imagine me frantically searching my archives for the thing. Anyway. Death Nuts are a brand of snack that include injurious amounts of capsaicin]

Allowing oneself to experience new things comes with its own risks. Since Wraithvine was gifted an eternal existence, ze was willing

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Challenge #03762-J109: I Leave You...

An elderly dragon. A dragon so old that they could give Wraithvine a run for hir money for lifespan, was coming to the end of their life. They bequeath their entire hoard to Wraithvine and hir friends, to do with as they please. -- Anon Guest

Elves can normally live for two thousand years, give or take a handful of centuries. Dragons could live for many times that much. The death of a Dragon by natural causes is a rare and mournful

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Challenge #03742-J089: Just Keep Them Occupied

A family begs Wraithvine to babysit two very hyper kids so they can go and gather in the crops. Normally the mother would watch the children, but she is feeling very ill. Needless to say, at naptime, Wraithvine has no problem getting the kids to sleep. -- The New Guy

[AN: My RNG gender picker wound up with "he/hims" all the way down, so it's Papa and Dad running the farm in this story]

The triplets were far too young to

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Challenge #03739-J086: Better Than Waiting it Out

They are an immortal, and they have the gift of a healing touch. Their goal is to heal any and all who are in need and find medicines to treat the sick. They do not wish for thank yous, just to know lives are saved. They meet Wraithvine and ask that they may travel with hir a while, in their quest to aid in saving lives. -- Anon Guest

Bibrid had been pushing on the last rock in his way for a

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Challenge #03717-J064: A Simple Sacrifice

Wraithvine meets an Elf who has a strange, and rather bad, haircut. They find out that this individual has been cutting their own hair, and making charm bracelets out of it, to give to any and all children they find, with a stone of blessing. What is the blessing? That the children remain healthy even if exposed to illnesses, and avoid infections even if they get injured. -- Anon Guest

The oldest of magics are very very personal. A heartfelt wish. True

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Challenge #03715-J062: A Gift From Lack

A traveling druid saw Wraithvine in their encampment late one night, along with hir friends. And snuck up to give a gentle, kind, blessing. -- Anon Guest

Well, well. Walk long enough and you see everything. Once more on his long path between their location and destination, the Wudzgaad Druid found something they weren't looking for. To be correct about it, someone they weren't looking for.

The eternal Elf, the ever-wandering Wizard, changer of fates and so on. The living legend. Wraithvine

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Challenge #03688-J035: Tidying to Do

A nation sends out a large, diplomatic, delegation to find Wraithvine, complete with white and gold carriage to bring him back to the kingdom. Why? The King wishes to make the kind elf the heir to his throne, for he has few family, and those he has, have proven to be too selfish for him to consider them for the placement. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is extra fun because Wraithvine has no desire to be a monarch]

The first time King

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