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Challenge #04109-K091: A Long Time Waiting

A being cursed, or blessed depending on whom you ask, with immortality. They want to join their family in the next world and, despite multiple tries cannot. They spend days and nights in sorrow. Then they meet Wraithvine and friends. -- Anon Guest

One thing they never mention about undying immortality, it's that recovering from otherwise fatal injuries really, really hurts. And if there's nobody to help you, you end up healing wrong, and it hurts worse.

Asking a healer to help you fix that is a trial.

My name is Temporyn, and everyone I know and love is dead. I'm cursed because I cannot join them. Existence is meant to be a cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and somehow, one important step keeps passing me by. I thought that nothing could improve my lot.

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Challenge #03824-J172: Bros Helping Bros

A: I wish someone would take me out

B: on a date or with a gun? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for self-harm talk]

The silence between them was far too long as Milo thought about it. So long that Damian looked over to his friend in growing concern.

"Dude, that was meant to be a joke."

"I mean... possibly?" said Milo, still frowning in thought. "But also taking it seriously is making me realise I'm in a fuckin' terrible place.

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Challenge #03504-I216: The Right Teacher

A young wizard politely asks Wraithvine to teach them how to duel for self defense. -- Fighting Fit

The problem with immortals is that they get a reputation. Strodius had been through five mummers so far who claimed to be the immortal Elf of lore and legend. They would hear him out, listen to his cause, and then attempt to charge gold for their services.

The real Wraithvine would do no such thing. Gold did not enter into an equation where the

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Challenge #02923-G366: Bad at Risk Assessment

"And what brings you to medical, human?"

"I took my particle mask off when I should have left it on. That was, uh, five days ago? I'm pretty sure I've coughed up all the stuff I inhaled, since the phlegm isn't pointy any more, but I'm still coughing, and my lungs itch. I would have waited longer to bother you about it, but I've been kinda short of breath today, so I thought I'd come in before it got any worse." --

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I have a problem

Entries into the writing contest need some splash art.

1200 by 420 pixels.

For each story.

I’m planning on putting in ALL my short stories (except RTFM, that’s in the slush pile at Andromeda Space Flight Magazine) and excerpts from my novels,

That’s a lot of art.

And I have the compositional skills of a dead whelk.

And I’m stony broke. I can’t afford to pay anyone. All I can offer is

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So… this is happening. I know most folks like to celebrate 200 followers with a give-away. My problem is that I’m primary...

So… this is happening.

I know most folks like to celebrate 200 followers with a give-away. My problem is that I’m primary parental for two kids [also having their first day back to school tomorrow] and my laptop has just died.

I have zip to give away. And zero money to send it with even if I did have something.

What do I do?

What the flip do I do?

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Novlr is now in open beta just in time for NaNoWriMo

And they’re offering permanent memberships for “just” $100.

I don’t have enough to afford to scratch my butt.

Please, please, please, dear readers, put a little money in my paypal so I can afford a lifetime membership. [I have no idea how to link to a paypal “give me money” thing (help!) so my paypal email is  Thank you for not abusing this email

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Is this better? I got rid of the ugly, under-colouring ‘glow’ and refined it to an effects layer [harder than it looks, I had to...

Is this better?

I got rid of the ugly, under-colouring ‘glow’ and refined it to an effects layer [harder than it looks, I had to re-fill the wheel and delete all the noise from my previous attempts] which I can now edit to my heart’s content.

I also added some blood red to the body of the bicycle and fooled with the opacity a little. Too strong == uglier :P

I mean, I want it to look like an

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Support Net Neutrality

In honour of the FCC deciding that cable companies can censor the internet for everyone, my version of a sneak preview of that arcane and asinine law is: No story.

With an absence of net neutrality comes an absence of indie folk like me sharing their creative efforts with viewers like you.

Petition at,,, daily kos, and Freepress.

I will now be taking a day of silence and praying that these efforts are enough.

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modmad: The first time he saw the Sun (aka. things-I-didn't-know-I-was-going-to-draw-in-my-lunchbreak no.75815) She’s a...


The first time he saw the Sun (aka. things-I-didn’t-know-I-was-going-to-draw-in-my-lunchbreak no.75815)

She’s a multitalented actress, ignored by those who could make her career because of the colour of her skin.

He’s a shy, soft-spoken vampire who’s too polite to get the blood he needs to survive.

And, incidentally, he’s just fallen rather heavily in love.

It’s 1887.

They fight crime.

Stop me before I start writing a goldurn novel about

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