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Thursday, Day 0, PLN

Plague news: Four new cases - one import, three local. Forty-two total cases, all are in hospital.

I'm streaming in a few, just as soon as I'm done here. Meanwhile, I'm listening in to Game of Tomes on SableAradia. It's a fun thing in prep for NaNo. I think I shall have to count my Instants.

I'll play along. Every little bit helps, I guess.

On my agenda right now - get the bins out before the garbage trucks come.

In the news:

  • Convicted sex offender Bill Cosby allowed to walk free
  • Covid, covid, covid, covid...
  • Picnic plastic now removed from the shelves, pity Coles isn't doing anything about the FISHING NETS that make up most of the Pacific Garbage Patch
  • I'm going to count my Instants for the Game of Tomes :D

Let's get it going.

Challenge #02487-F297: It is What You Know

They were fascinated by everything, and were fluent in Spanish and French. Then they got a job as a 'Gopher' on a Film Set and found their calling. Knitnan

[AN: I am not fluent in either of those]

One thing about being a Gopher was that it was very good exercise. Tali quickly memorised the fastest ways to get between Point A - the sets - and any random Point B that the cast and crew needed something from. Then there was

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Well, shit.

I haven't found the time or inclination to contribute to Murder Dollhouse or the nut notes I have on it. And I can't really give another thesis on firkin fanfiction like I did last week.

So I think I'll rabbit on about how tricky it is to work out location details. Especially since I know only what I've seen on TV about how America works. And I don't really want to set this in Australia because only Australians want to read about

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Public holiday in the middle of the week!

Things are gonna get F'ed up. Guaranteed.

And speaking of firkin things up, I'm getting increasingly obsessed with one of my many Fanfic Ideas I call Look at This Strange Breed. BUT since I've only seen interest expressed in Crime and Punishment, I should probably do that first.


I'll see if I can finish SOMETHING I'm working on, today. Novel not counted. Not including this week, I've got ten weeks before I reach

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Last day of the kiddies' holidays. Last cleaning day with me barking the little darlings around. Also last day of having to remind myself to go out and get some dosh.

Tomorrow, I shall remind myself to post the Patreon rewards EARLY, and make sure everyone knows that I'm also using the Ko-Fi pool for names I may need.

I may or may not run a competition to name ancillary characters as needed. I dunno. Murder Dollhouse is still zero buzz, and

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I'm thinking of cheating

I've got 1K to go on re-finishing Rael. Now, I could be a sensible little Nutter and space that last one thousand over two days.


I could write it all today and have two days "off".

You know what I'm going to do today, don't you. Yep. I'm going to spree the heck out of my novel writing so I can have a four-day weekend of nothing but the stuff I enjoy. Whee!

I might pay for it later, but... there's

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Planning for fun

I have been writing some funny fucking stuff, but it's not ready for publication, yet. I have some scenes of chaos to do.

And probably a lot more chaos, yet.

I'm having huge amounts of fun. Listening to the Adventure Zone and powering through the ad breaks so I can listen to more Adventure zone and get inspiration points for the five fucking stories I have going with NO END IN SIGHT...

Yeah, I fell of the self-limit wagon again. Stop looking

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Best Laid Plans Gone Agley

The nice lady who usually comes and gets my arse in gear with the cleaning has Lurgi and won't be around. Which means I have to get my arse in gear without her.

Not fun.

I have to find some nice yarn for MeMum when the local Big W doesn't stock her brand any more. And I'll be doing tech support this weekend. Perhaps with a family visit on the side.

The ginger garlic chicken soup frelling works to keep the Lurgi

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Fun times ahead

Bills to pay, licenses to maintain. Food to procure and prepare. Cleaning the house. Writing the things. And a very distracting horde of plotbunnies clamouring in my head.

I am making myself finish a thing before I start off a new thing, though. Let the plots pickle a bit before I go chasing after a new idea. Chasing after plotbunnies leads only to ten thousand partial fictions and even more shinier ideas that will never get finished.

Not doing that noise again.

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We interrupt our scheduled ranting...

To deliver something in the degree of bad news. My Beloved is in hospital -don't panic!- they're getting some IV antibiotics and, once that's done, all should be well.

You know how I am about qualifiers, so you can guess I'm trying to keep calm about this noise and failing.

The Story...

Thursday evening. Beloved takes their shoes off and reveals an absolutely NASTY welt that looks, to me, like a spider bite. No matter what we tell foreigners, there are

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Flash Writing for a Dollar a Day

Not that I'm complaining too hard, but writing on Steemit earns me roughly one USD per diem. That's $365.25 per year. That, on top of the $100-something I make off of Smashwords per year, that still puts my income inside of the poverty line.

At least it helps pay for food.

I am going to frelling make myself get stuff ready for publication. The cover for Kung Fu Zombies so I can prep it for Lulu, the actual Lulu copy, which

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Struggle to juggle

I think I should probably try to do a "head space" comic per day. As well as the other stuff. I've learned I can only handle animation in small doses, so maybe five frames a go is my limit. And I still haven't posted the progress pix for the latest art piece I'm working on.

I know that it looks like a bag of suck at the moment, which is why I haven't posted it.

Bag of suck or not, I feel

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So we finally edited Adapting, yesterday. And it was a slog. One of my dear Betas did not like the way I introduced all the concepts in the first chapter. I'm halfway compelled to start every single one of the first five Amalgam books in the exact same way.

I mean, sir Pterry started all of his earliest books by yatting on about A'Tuin for about three pages and nobody complained. It's setting the scene. It's a small amount of showing exactly

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Smooth mornings!

Hooray, I have life figured out enough that the mornings move like a well-oiled machine. Now, if only I could do the same thing for myself.

Alone, I clog up with fascinating things until a half-hour task takes most of the firkin day. And then I complain about having zero time to fart around and play games.

Sometimes, I am a complete dummins.

But I have learned a few things from some of it. Including a new word that I plan to

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Getting into the swing of it

It's taken us a few weeks, but we're getting there. Even with the recent gastric distress, there's a rhythm to things.

Get up, ablute, take my weight - I'm still below 80 kilos despite bouncing back from the bug. Rouse the kids, get dressed, chase my little darlings into getting ready for the day. Chaos packs a three course meal, Mayhem packs a boiled egg or two. Make sure they're both groomed, and then try and get Beloved going for the day.

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