I'm thinking of cheating

I've got 1K to go on re-finishing Rael. Now, I could be a sensible little Nutter and space that last one thousand over two days.


I could write it all today and have two days "off".

You know what I'm going to do today, don't you. Yep. I'm going to spree the heck out of my novel writing so I can have a four-day weekend of nothing but the stuff I enjoy. Whee!

I might pay for it later, but... there's four days of 'later'. I'm sure I'll recover enough to get back on Clockwork Souls for Monday.

We're also having corned beefs tonight. I got a hunk of yearling cow in my slow cooker with some stevia, an onion, a bunch of peppercorns, some ginger, and a good handful of salt. Oh, and a solid glorp of cheap-as ascetic acid, aka white vinegar.

I took a look at the labels, and it turns out that cheap-as brown vinegar is just ascetic acid with artificial brown. So I'm keeping off the colours, this time. See if that does us any favours.

Vegan diet, Keto diet, Paleo diet... they're all about getting rid of the chemically-enhanced shit. So it's no wonder that the corporate entities are pitching the 'churches' against each other. With a solid dose of "but you need carbs" whining from the people still going with the Standard American Diet. Aptly abbreviated to SAD.

'Cause that's all you get when you follow it. Sad.

Anyway. It's gone ten. I need to focus on my work for the day.