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Challenge #03197-H288: Dietary Restrictions

A Human has a very sensitive digestive system due to the damage done from multiple illnesses before they escaped the Deregger world they'd come from. Now working aboard a Havenworlder ship, they found even many of the Havenworlders' foods too harsh for their digestion, and had to explain why the foods they made, while nutritionally balanced, were bland even to the Havenworlders. -- Anon Guest

Human Roi was a Rescue. The crew of the Pohkit Ansee knew this on an intellectual level, but there were always the empirical surprises. The abundance of nature scene screens in their room and the high population of indoor plants in their personal habitat. There was the Hyper-compressed velvet toy seal packed in their livesuit for emotional emergencies.

The repeated shocker was in Roi's diet.

Oatmeal in the morning, with a specific selection of berries depending on the day of the week[1]. Carefully portioned out in a little cup. On Tendays[2], if things were going well, Roi was allowed an egg, sunny side up. Lunch was a very careful salad with light oils and dinner was the same chicken parmigiana with steamed vegetables and a very inconspicuous sauce.

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Saturday, Day 0, Still Fasting

I'm still staying away from the carbs for another week. There's two new cases, both imports. Twelve total cases, nine in hospital.

I'm going to go without carbs for as long as possible. I can already see my fingers deflating from all the water weight. Either Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is almost over or the fast is working because I've been breathing easier these past few days. I am, however, still sneezing. Alas. I'll get to the other end of it eventually.

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[Gif: Mushu rises from the clouds of smoke in a small fountain of sparks]

As you may have guessed, the site's back up. We've paid our internet ransom to the great IP host in the cloud.

This site is safe. The stories continueth.

I have figured out that if I write a thousand words per diem on Wednesday and Thursday on Game Nite Weeks, then I don't have to worry about my output on Game Nites.

That's the PLN for today, and

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You know what?

(Chicken butt)

Nah, but seriously. I think I'm going to keep monitoring my intake 'cause it seems to be working for me. Perhaps there's a psychological thing that triggers my brain into shifting the fat out or whatever, and just monitoring seems to work for some reason.

For example: The previously-mentioned glut of sugar and subsequent weight loss. See also the unaltered diet for the first few days with the altered weight loss.

I was good, yesterday. Deliberately choosing food options that

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It's working...

Positive attitude works a little bit. I was able to focus on getting my shit done as planned. I ran out of energy to play, but I got all my nonse done. Huzzah.

I'm back down to the heavier end of 77 kilos, and lower than my previous low before this week's hike up to 78. So now I have hope that I can do the thing and get back to my previous low of 72, and perhaps get to my goal

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Reconfiguring the Diet

You know that I've been worrying about my weight for a while, since it's been creeping upwards for some time.

And the answer is: Protein-phobia.

Science backs this up, but humans need a certain amount of protein, and it's more like forty to fifty percent of our diets rather than the ten to twenty the militant vegans dieticians have been recommending.

The more protein you have, the fuller you feel. The fuller you feel, the less you eat. Simple enough, and it

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::William Tell at 15RPM::

I have zero plans beyond my Instant Fiction, today. And powering through as much I, Zombie as I can because if we spend too much time on it, it'll cost us money for the re-rental of the service.

Stan is only good for one thing: I, Zombie. The rest of it sucks and it isn't worth the fees and charges.

Other than that, I have no news. Health is fine, despite the heinous amounts of shop-bought carbohydrates over the last couple of

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I'm thinking of cheating

I've got 1K to go on re-finishing Rael. Now, I could be a sensible little Nutter and space that last one thousand over two days.


I could write it all today and have two days "off".

You know what I'm going to do today, don't you. Yep. I'm going to spree the heck out of my novel writing so I can have a four-day weekend of nothing but the stuff I enjoy. Whee!

I might pay for it later, but... there's

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I got this

Okay. So we're agreed that I need more fats. We also know that fat from a dead pig is something I can actually eat and digest without any kind of trouble.

You know, aside from absolute fucktons of cheese, cream, and mascarpone. Which I can't eat a lot of anyway.

So I have to keep an eye out for fatty hunks of dead pig. Despite my ethical quandary about consuming dead pig. And my Beloved is also doing the same.

But I

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Challenge #01509-D048: The Fundraising Franger

This is an Aussie thing, you go to vote locally, and outside will be a barbecue set up selling snags (sausages), wrapped round with a slice of bread, onions and sauce, plus soft drinks. Fundraisers for good causes. No politics, just, "tomato or barbecue, Mate?" Those of us who are on diets or vegans usually donate the price of a 'snag'. -- Anon Guest

First, they came for the cake stall, and Valerie didn't speak up because cake was a sometimes food,

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Challenge #01466-D005: One Family Argument on a Summer Evening

"I haven't heard from [blank] in a while,"

"I may have not-so-accidentally told them about your secret popcorn stash,"

"You what!!" -- OohLookShiny

"You told Kel about my popcorn stash."

"Um. In my favour, I was mad at you at the time."

"You told Kel about my popcorn stash."

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Waiting for equilibrium

The diet's going fine, before you get worried. Going out and eating at the same time is a pain in the arse because there's carbs freaking everywhere. Every single take-out deal has chips and if they don't have chips, then it's noodles or rice.

Carbs, carbs, everywhere, and hardly a scrap to eat.

Beloved recorded an audio of themself trying to get deconstructed burgers for the family, this Friday gone. They had to explain 'no buns' four times. They just didn't understand.

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Easing up

Beloved informed me on our morning walk that we had been hitting the Ketogenic diet hard. It's why I've been having difficulties the way I have been.

So we're easing up. We're no longer fasting for 16 hours. We're going back to 12 hours and allowing some fruity sugars in as well as the carbs that come in the veggies.

Both Beloved and I have been waking up earlier and I forwarded the idea that it would be an ideal time to

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Day four of pre-hydration

OK so yesterday, I didn't weigh myself and I had what some might call some bad choices for my meals.

Pre-hydration - drinking about half a litre of water before meals - seems to work its best when one can do so before every meal.

I skipped out on lunch's water, yesterday, and it kinda shows.

I'm back up above the 95 kilo mark. BUT, I'm not back up to my previous level of stagnation, so that has to be something. I

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Stupid diet tip that gets results [at least for me]

Beloved gave me a diet tip the other day: Drink two glasses of water before eating any meal.

I immediately thought: This is bullshit. I'm going to try it and prove that it's bullshit.

There's no way that two glasses of water [roughly half a litre if you're going with a 250ml glass] would do anything beneficial towards losing weight whilst upkeeping health. I know for a fact that many diet plans (coughcoughatkinscoughcough) are focussed exclusively on losing weight rather than maintaining

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