Saturday, Day 0, Still Fasting

I'm still staying away from the carbs for another week. There's two new cases, both imports. Twelve total cases, nine in hospital.

I'm going to go without carbs for as long as possible. I can already see my fingers deflating from all the water weight. Either Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is almost over or the fast is working because I've been breathing easier these past few days. I am, however, still sneezing. Alas. I'll get to the other end of it eventually. Remembering to refill and re-activate the humidifier at bedtime helps. I forgot last night FML.

Today's PLN involves going nowhere and doing nothing. At. Firkin. Last. I've been all over the place like a crafting materials collection.

In the news:

  • and other merchants of opportunity are selling "I've been vaccinated" pins with no requisite proof of vaccine. They're also violating the Geneva Convention by showing the red cross. Huzzah
  • AFL coach dumps wife for supermodel - why is this headline news?
  • Antivax mob could run and ruin Australia
  • Man invests $100K inheritance into crypto just as it crashes
  • Simple question and humane response saved lives from domestic violence [FTR it was "why are you crying" and then acting to help]
  • You can still catch the Plague even if you've had the jab. I believe it's because of all the mutant strains caused by Knomiras refusing to follow basic safety protocols
  • China's threats to Aus are apparently hot air
  • Cadbury finally releases Kiwi favourite - caramilk with honeycomb in it. They call it "Hokey Pokey" and it is my new personal nightmare of a carb whirlwind [also it's not technically chocolate because white chocolate is not chocolate]

I have a story to write, and then I am going to enjoy wasting my time.