Stupid diet tip that gets results [at least for me]

Beloved gave me a diet tip the other day: Drink two glasses of water before eating any meal.

I immediately thought: This is bullshit. I'm going to try it and prove that it's bullshit.

There's no way that two glasses of water [roughly half a litre if you're going with a 250ml glass] would do anything beneficial towards losing weight whilst upkeeping health. I know for a fact that many diet plans (coughcoughatkinscoughcough) are focussed exclusively on losing weight rather than maintaining health.

I've only been doing this for a few days, mind, so the jury is still out on how great this is for me. There's no discernible science behind it that I can logic out. I mean, besides enabling my body to flush out toxins that would otherwise become fat deposits? I'm stumped.

It's had no great impact on my appetite. I don't feel fuller sooner.

About the only thing it's done for me is reduce my intake of the sweet and fizzy drinks that I should be avoiding anyway.

The evidence is mounting, though. I dropped an entire kilo, yesterday, and a further 0.4 kilos today. And that's despite two meals of ice cream because the weather has been punishing, lately. Fingers crossed for a continuing downward slope.

My flights are confirmed. I'm staying in the states for a couple of days after WWC in Tucson. So I might have a chance to get a few somethings that I would otherwise miss out on by living in Australia. That is, assuming I actually have money by then.

But today - I am visiting the doctor to get my meds updated, consult about the trip and the relevant jabs I should need... and make sure Chaos has her melatonin.