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Challenge #03314-I026: Barge Versus Coracle

They were one of the worst Knomiras. Any time people said no to them, they immediately demanded to see the higher ups. No one was going to stop them from getting what THEY wanted! It was their way, or the highway! Then there was an accident, they demanded THEY be treated first! They shoved the person that they didn't even see, someone smaller than them out of the life pod and forced their way in. The person, a Havenworlder child, scrambled in, afterward, but badly hurt due to the shove. They looked into the eyes of this innocent, a child whose eyes asked 'why?' the entire trip to the emergency vessel. They held the child's hand, carefully, realizing what they did. They realize, they couldn't be acting like that anymore. -- Anon Guest

Knomira: (n) (1) A person who loudly, repeatedly, and vocally asserts their rights to the cost of everyone else around them. (2) An extremely selfish individual incapable of caring about anyone they don't know. (3) The gender-neutral alternative to "Karen". [Origin: onomatopoeia for their repeated catchcry of, "I know my rights!"] -- Dictionary of Confounding Human Words.

Launch plus three minutes. Tourist Will had barged into the lifepod, demanded the most comfortable seat inside, and they had just now finished drafting a scathing anti-review of the entire cruise company just because of the Vorax raid "they let happen".

A soft meeping, one that had been going since the launch, finally invaded Will's awareness. A small Havenworlder child was making an insistent noise whilst staring at them. "Someone shut that terrible creature up," Will snapped, not at all reading the room. Reading was for other people. "It's bad enough we have to endure this cut-price lifepod, but does there have to be whining?"

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Challenge #03302-I014: You Touch, You Die

There's one universal truth. Never get between a set of parents and their children. -- Anon Guest

The Universe has ways of answering the wrong questions. Those who know this never put voice to questions like, "How bad can it get?" or, "What could possibly go wrong?" It also responds to the terminally daft when they say, "It can't possibly get any worse," because the first law of the Universe is that it was NOT made to be kind.

Some Vorax, like

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Challenge #03282-BONUS008: Inherited Anxiety

A man from Pax Humanis was on leave after a very long, very bloody, mission. On a station grabbing a drink, they meet a young Havenworlder who has a serious self-esteem issue. They're heard stating over and over that they cannot do things simply because they are a Havenworlder and, as such, they are weak. Frowning and wanting to do terrible things to whomever put such thoughts into a kid's head, they push back that instinct and go to the young Havenworlder

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Challenge #03260-H351: Citr-us and Them

The humans show the dear technician that this particular acid is completely harmless to their kind, by slicing one of the fruit into a thin slice, and eating it raw. Of course, the human that did so was an oddball, they actually LIKED eating lemons the way people ate oranges. But then again, they liked grapefruit, too!

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03129-h220-not-the-intended-use -- Anon Guest

Roark stared. She was still counting the seconds long after the Human who drank the acid

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Challenge #03204-H295: Surgical Precision Strike

A Human and a Havenworlder are both trapped in a cargo bay of a medical transport ship. The Human is in a support frame due to an illness that had created serious malformations in the spine before they were rescued as one of the last few survivors from a failed Deregger colony. The door is forced open by the pirates and the only one to save them is a Havenworlder with a scalpel. The Human reassures the Havenworlder, "you're not as weak

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Challenge #03197-H288: Dietary Restrictions

A Human has a very sensitive digestive system due to the damage done from multiple illnesses before they escaped the Deregger world they'd come from. Now working aboard a Havenworlder ship, they found even many of the Havenworlders' foods too harsh for their digestion, and had to explain why the foods they made, while nutritionally balanced, were bland even to the Havenworlders. -- Anon Guest

Human Roi was a Rescue. The crew of the Pohkit Ansee knew this on an intellectual level,

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Challenge #03099-H191: Orders Are Not an Excuse

The Good Soldier - Bridget Kielas-Fecyk


I'm a brave and proud soldier.

I'm strong with sword and bow.

And upon my Leige’s orders,

My enemy did I lay low.


I found my enemy was a father.

A child now filled with tears.

Into my arms I took her.

And tried to calm her fears.


My Leige, oh please, forgive me.

For my duties I must forsake.

For I've killed this child's father.

Now as my child, this girl, I take.



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Challenge #03094-H186: They Will Write to Each Other

A human child, hearing a loud bang, finds an alien who looks, at least to the human, like a medium sized dog that's hurt. The child picks up the alien to bring them home and then gives them a bath since they were covered in mud and sticks. The alien wakes up realizing they're now wrapped up in bandages, stuck in what looks like a makeshift "hospital gown", and the child is rocking the small bed they were put in, reading them

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Challenge #03093-H185: The Wait for Travel Services

The Humans were sitting around the fire with several of their Havenworlder friends. The winds outside the shelter were howling loudly and they were still waiting for the rescue vessel to bring them the rest of the parts they needed to repair the ship enough to limp it to a spaceport for a full refit. It was a stormy night so the Humans decided to have fun and tell ghost stories. -- Anon Guest

It was a dark and stormy night. The

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Challenge #03089-H181: One Confounding Morning in an Off-beat Security Office

The time Havenworlders trained in a dojo run by humans, defeated and imprisoned a human who was a pirate. They delivered the pirate to the other humans, who were, to say the least, rather impressed! -- Anon Guest

A large number of things are inadvisable to the boundary of impossibility. A number of other things are inadvisable - like telling a Human what's impossible. Humans tend to take these things as a challenge, and there is inevitably fallout as a consequence. Current

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Challenge #03062-H154: Monkey Gonna Jump

A member of a race of aliens new to the Galactic scene holds the misconception that life can be either land bound or aquatic watches a human climb a steep hill specifically for the joy of jumping off the cliff on the other end into deep water. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have a much more capable program doing the counting for me, so today's full challenge number is actually correct. I'm not going back and fixing the others because that is

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Challenge #03003-H080: An Honest Mistake

These havenworlders were marsupials and, as such, it was not unusual to see a tiny head poking out of a specially modified set of ship skins from time to time. When the human said she was expecting, her spouse was excited, but the havenworlders were confused that the humans politely turned down the offer for a modified set of skins with a pouch opening. -- DaniAndShali

It was hot news on the Trembling Whisker - the Ships' Humans were reproducing! The pair

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Challenge #02984-H061: Surprising on Every Level

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02840-g283-for-great-fit please show us what happens to the next set of Vorax raiders. -- Anon Guest

Three months into training, Kin's students encountered their first challenge. Human Kin had just worked a double and was therefore sound asleep when the raiders came. From all available accounts, the raiding party had been stealthily stalking their vessel, waiting for such a time of comparable weakness.

The first thing that Companion Thresk knew about it was the alert to head

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Challenge #02983-H060: Me Next!

It was many years since the Saurians had first learned Tai-Chi from their human friend. From there it had begun to spread through other ships, then to stations and colonies of their people. But once it hit their homeworld, its popularity spread like wildfire. Soon it became a required part of the physical education of their young, and a part of their cultural identity. Needless to say, the humans liked the change.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02840-g283-for-great-fit -- Fighting Fit


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Challenge #02936-H013: A Buggy Plan

Human Arn took in the supreme effort Frip had already gone through in order to create this environment and was already calculating the paperwork inherent in getting it off the planet Earth.

"I am in sooooo much trouble," sighed Human Arn.

This quote is from this prompt from ages ago. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02771-g214-a-few-minor-obstacles

Human Arn looked at all the paperwork they've managed to get through and all that still had to get done and shook their head. Not much

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