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Challenge #03125-H216: Save Your Gluthorpian Dollars...

So y’all are fine with killing other Xenos, but then some Humans do the same thing to other Humans and it’s suddenly immoral? At least we’re consistent with our genocidal policies. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do not condone genocide of any kind btw]

The war was over, for certain. Not because any side had won, but because there was little fight with, or even over. Most of the contested territory was radioactive, no longer fertile, and, in fact, hostile to all forms of known life. Declaring victory was most definitely a moot point. Nevertheless, the Antipathy insisted on trying.

"We are the pure and most high. Blessed by the One Highest Power. Of course our supremacy will rise to shine our glory on the known universe." High Faluter Nazpurs still held his head high despite the heavy restraints on his person. "We will never surrender. Especially not to adulterated mutant monkeys like yourself."

On the side of the "adulterated mutant monkeys", Negotiator Human Tan bit his tongue and thought of something more diplomatic to say than, Big talk from a man with two junked warships to his name. "We're not negotiating your surrender. We're negotiating your species' survival."

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Challenge #03099-H191: Orders Are Not an Excuse

The Good Soldier - Bridget Kielas-Fecyk


I'm a brave and proud soldier.

I'm strong with sword and bow.

And upon my Leige’s orders,

My enemy did I lay low.


I found my enemy was a father.

A child now filled with tears.

Into my arms I took her.

And tried to calm her fears.


My Leige, oh please, forgive me.

For my duties I must forsake.

For I've killed this child's father.

Now as my child, this girl, I take.



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Challenge #02849-G292: Deserving of Love and Mercy

They called him Sap, but he had another name once. Like almost all of the rest of his kind, the world looked down upon him due to what he was born as. Due to what he is. A Tiefling. All he'd wanted since his childhood was a little bit of kindness, some understanding, maybe to find love one day. A dream he refused to give up on. Then there was Cleric Lachasse. She saw the struggles he went through even as she

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