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Challenge #02849-G292: Deserving of Love and Mercy

They called him Sap, but he had another name once. Like almost all of the rest of his kind, the world looked down upon him due to what he was born as. Due to what he is. A Tiefling. All he'd wanted since his childhood was a little bit of kindness, some understanding, maybe to find love one day. A dream he refused to give up on. Then there was Cleric Lachasse. She saw the struggles he went through even as she overheard the sneering comments others in the Watch said of him and his kind almost constantly, when they thought that no one else could hear. Her heart ached for him. Then there was that one time she found him badly wounded, and he was crying. Genuinely crying this time. He'd thought, once more, he'd found someone to be close with, and had, yet again, be betrayed. But for some reason this one hurt worse than before. A tear was in her eyes as she carried him back in her arms. Would he ever accept that there was someone he could trust and love? How long would she have to wait?

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A City Tiefling. A lot of blood. One ragged, straining breath after another. They almost hadn't arrived in time. Lachasse had to elbow her way past the Watch to get to the frighteningly still body on the floor. She almost didn't make it. One gasp could have been his last, but she was able to lay on hands and cure his wounds.

She hated it when her ministrations pained him. Lachasse focussed both on the love of her deity and the warmth she had in her heart for Sap, the poor creature. He had done more for the cause of justice than any given member of the Watch. He had done more to defeat evil than any administrator of the law. Worse than all of that, he had paid in full for it in blood and pain. Lachasse may be more than a little heretical for thinking that Sap did not deserve a second of it.

It was hard to tell. The goddess of love and mercy had not said much about extending her powers towards Tieflings. She just told her followers to extend her love and mercy towards those in need. By that logic, Sap was surely in the greatest need. As always, he fell to pieces in her arms, clinging with trembling hands to the surcoat over her armour. The difference this time was that this was the first time he had broken down in public.

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Challenge #02799-G242: Wombmates For Life

Hey! Aww, you're so cute I can't stay mad at you. Please don't do that again. -- Anon Guest

[AN: How to Encourage Bad Behaviour Amongst the Telegenic 101. Step one, above]

Tieflings have to fight their entire lives just to be recognised as living things with feelings. Aasimar... don't. If devils can interfere with the affairs of normal folk, then the gods can, have, and will do the same[1]. If Tieflings evoke one reaction from everyone around them, then Aasimar

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Challenge #02719-G162: Played For a Sap

Come on body, just hold it in. Suppress the emotion for a few more hours. We can die from embarrassment when we get home. -- Anon Guest

He might have said they called him Sap because he was a blunt instrument. There was a story he told about being found in the woods, covered in tree sap and using it to trap and eat small animals to survive. The truth was, he was a City Tief[1], raised in the gutter, educated

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