Challenge #02799-G242: Wombmates For Life

Hey! Aww, you're so cute I can't stay mad at you. Please don't do that again. -- Anon Guest

[AN: How to Encourage Bad Behaviour Amongst the Telegenic 101. Step one, above]

Tieflings have to fight their entire lives just to be recognised as living things with feelings. Aasimar... don't. If devils can interfere with the affairs of normal folk, then the gods can, have, and will do the same[1]. If Tieflings evoke one reaction from everyone around them, then Aasimar provoke the opposite.

To see them is to love them. To know them is to adore them. They provoke devotion. They're instantly likeable, even when they're being blatantly rude. Understandably, it takes someone with iron will to discipline them, because Aasimar tears provoke rage in almost everyone who sees them.

Most Tieflings, it might be noted, hate Aasimar on sight. It's mostly jealousy. It's hard to discipline a child with a literal halo and soft, feathery wings for a deliberate act of malice, whilst it's easy to discipline a child with horns and cloven hooves for breathing incorrectly.

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