Wednesday - Day Zero Butt

It's Day Zero again, but... the difference is that the one new case in Queensland is from overseas and already doing quarantine.


  • The pregnant woman who organised an anti-lockdown protest and was arrested for it now expects an apology from the Victorian Premier. I hope it goes, "I'm sorry you're that f*cking stupid," to be honest
  • Because there's still literally over a hundred new cases in Victoria on the daily. I know I said they celebrated going under twenty at one point, but apparently my gremlin brain read a number and thought that was the case count. I was wrong
  • Some dude committed suicide on Tiktok and thousands have been traumatised
  • Some folks are holding up New South Wales as the "gold standard" on how to behave with this plague and others are going, "Hahahaha NO." Mostly because it's Queensland who's actually going ahead with the economic recovery while NSW is still reeling in the shadow of idiots from Victoria
  • Scotty From Marketing is praying the Repugnicans win the next US election because that will allow him to continue ignoring climate change like the true shitbrain he is. Call me when your summer island retreat is underwater, Scotty
  • Meanwhile Queensland is on track to be 50% renewable energy by 2030 with more money going into the pot for further greening actions

Twelve days until the Brisbane anti-lockdown protests are revealed to be the source of an outbreak. Yay. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but on the other hand, I don't want to prove those arseholes right.

Today, Wordpress Wednesday is going to be all about how Australia could lead the way in luxury cruise air travel with zero costs on fuel. Watch out for Solar Freakin' Dirigibles. Coming soon.