Challenge #02800-G243: Where the Hand Dictates

A deregger colony espoused that they would have a thousand-year reign. They have held onto their power, and the colony fanatically believed in that thousand year reign. It is year 999.

None of their lore held anything to indicate what would happen after the thousand year reign. -- Anon Guest

One thousand years of glory! The posters were everywhere. This year, on Landing Day, would be the thousandth year of glorious progression towards a better and more deserving future. One thousand years of the shining CEO's reigning over all others in their appointed place. The loyal and the hard-working and those who gave their all to the greater gears of progress prospered, whilst the lazy, shiftless, and stupid all worked in the prison-factories for their daily gruel and simple cot in the cells where they belonged.

One thousand years, Bili thought, of nobody to blame but those who came with them. There were still conspiracy theories - there were always conspiracy theories - containing all kinds of invisible organisations for the CEO's to defeat. All ones who managed to lie their way aboard the original colony ship or arrive via alien intervention through a secret organisation determined to destroy their freedom and peace.

There had to be secret organisations undermining the perfect plan of the CEO's, because the divine plan of the invisible hand was to create greater joy and prosperity for the deserving and earnest. Those who prospered, were naturally deserving and earnest. How else could they be expected to get where they were? Of course they earned their place through hard work and smart strategies. To think otherwise is to be a part of the secret organisations undermining the perfect plan.

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