Tuesday Day Zero Again and Again and Again

Two more cases and thirteen days until an outbreak linked directly to the anti-lockdown protests in Brisbane. Did people learn nothing from firkin Victoria?


People are comparing the lockdown and virus restrictions to North Korea and they obviously don't know shit. I want to smack them. Or throw them to the USA where they're not doing anything and medical attention costs like unto a wounded buffalo. See how happy they are with things then.

The plague has been spreading in a Sydney hospital despite everyone wearing masks and I personally reckon it'll be someone not washing their hands.

Putin's poisoned rival is recovering. If it is actually suspicious circumstances, I don't expect him to be recovering for long.

I owe my Patrons some nonsense today. It's likely going to be Terrible Tiefling Tales because that's all I got, dangit.

I can't even remember if I noted it in the past, but I have eased past 111K and am three "normal" weeks away from my 120K goal. 9K to go. At a hundred words - more or less - per day, for five days of the week, that's sixteen weeks. Four months. More or less.

The end is technically within reach.


The temptation to just blob out after I've finished KOSBOB is very strong and I think I'm going to succumb. Just write things that give me joy for a while.

I've needed it for a while now. Only spite is keeping me going with this novel. Onwards, ever onwards. One week, one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time.